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Top 10 Back-to-School Beauty/Health Must-Haves!

     So it's August: back-to-school season. While you're still enjoying what few summer vacation days you have left, you should also be thinking of everything you'll need for the new school year/semester. I'm not talking your typical school supply lists, but beauty/health things to keep us looking and feeling fabulous. Here are my ten back-to-school beauty needs! 

1) Sunscreen and Umbrella: 

Walking to school, from building to building, and walking back home mean sun exposure for our skin. While you may be thinking a minute or two isn't going to kill anyone, you're right. But add all those minutes up over the course of a week, even a year and you're letting the sun beat down on your skin, accelerating our skin's aging process, eeeek! Not to mention over-exposure to the sun's rays can lead to an increased chance of getting skin cancer! :( So be kind to your skin and wear sunscreen on whatever parts of you are exposed. For extra protection, walk around with an umbrella outside. 

2) Blotting Paper:

These little things come in SO handy for our faces, especially in the warmer months, when our skin naturally produces more oil. Excess oil on our faces makes them become all shiny and make us feel gross. Keep that oil in check with some blotting sheets! Take a sheet and lightly blot your oil to feel fresh-faced again The best part about blotting paper? It wont smear your makeup! Not to mention packages of the paper are light and small enough for any purse. 

3) Water Bottle:

Ahhh, h20! The stuff life is made of. Literally, our bodies are about 80% water, so it's important to stay hydrated, even when it gets cold. Keep your body functioning and your skin glowing by drinking water often on campus. What's more, bringing your own bottle from home rather than buying one saves you a ton of money over time! 

4) Q tips:

For those of you who wear eye makeup,  you know how it goes: our eyes are impeccable in the morning, then by the afternoon our makeup is smudged! Keep your makeup looking fresh by taking a q tip and wiping off smudged makeup to keep racoon eyes at bay. 

5) Extra tampon/pad:

When it's that time of the month, you don't want to be caught unprepared, ESPECIALLY not at school! It's also good to carry one in case a girlfriend is in need. She will be super grateful if you're that one friend who can give her a spare! 

6) Pamprin/Midol:

For when our period symptoms get the best of us. It's tough to focus in class or enjoy hanging out with friends when it feels like our symptoms are in control. 

7) Facial wipes:

These are great for when you just got out of the gym/gym class and you need to freshen up fast. Sweep it over your face to instantly feel cleaner! Just remember: Don't wear makeup when you'r exercising, it'll clog your pores! 

8) Lip balm: 

This may be a big duh for some of us. Lips don't feel great when they're dry, so keep them healthy with some lip balm. Just be sure you get a natural brand, like Burt's Bees. A lot of balms contain ingredients like camphor, cetyl alcohol, menthol, phenol, and salicylic acid, which end up DRYING OUR LIPS OUT! Kinda defeats the purpose of a balm, huh? Check the ingredients list before buying your next lip balm. 

9) Sunglasses: 

This goes back to the sun-protection thing. Your eyes are super sensitive and shouldn't be unprotected (even if you're just walking from building to building), so keep your peepers happy and cover up! Make sure they have broad UVA/UVB protection. 

10) Body Splash/Deodorant:

These are good to carry if your day is long. Get a travel-size bottle of your favorite fragrance so you can spritz yourself (lightly!) to feel cute and fresh throughout the day. Travel-size deodorant is also great if you sweat a lot. 

So voilà dear readers. Here are my top 10 beauty/health must-haves for back-to-school. Have any other suggestions to add to the list? Drop a comment below, I'd love to hear what you all think! 

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