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Everyone has its preferences regarding tv programs. It is definitely true that nowadays we have an extensive selection of programs to watch. I think that television should be entertaining and informative, however there are some programs that might be "entertaining" but not informative at all, notice that I put entertaining between quotation marks because there are some programs that in my personal opinion are classified as trash tv. Trash tv to me is television with no subject or objective, television programs with no point at all, made purely with the purpose of "entertain the masses" but without having a positive message, you can't learn a thing from trash tv, and unfortunately this type of tv is getting popular among people. I am not saying that once in a while you could watch tv with no content, but make it a lifestyle, or make it an everyday choice wouldn't left anything positive on yourself. We make choices through our lives, we choose our friends, we choose our career, we choose our clothes, and I think we make those selections thinking about what people, career or clothes are the best for ourselves. The same happens with tv programs. People could spend many hours of their day sitting in front of their televisions. Although I personally disagree with spending so much time watching tv, I strongly suggest that if you are going to spend some time watching tv, pick a good tv program. There are many interesting things on television, channels like Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, etc are very informative and educational things to watch. You may think these programs are boring but they are not at all, you may find yourself on a learning process, and later on you become savvy about different subjects which makes you a more interesting person than you were before. This is my personal opinion, but again, you just have to give it a try and then you judge it for yourself, would you rather waste your time watching trash tv? Or would you make that time worth it having some rest at the same time you might learn something new? I could spend hours telling more and more about this subject, but at the end of the story, it's up to you, it's going to be your choice, your time, your life.

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