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Tutoring English as a second language students.

These are my ESL students I tutor for at Wilson College. Irvin and Lizbeth. It's amazing how much they loved to see their rocks like I promised them. Irvin and Lizbeth gave me the biggests smiles ever.I love coming to class to help them read in English, although I tend to find it really difficult that neither can write or pronounce letters yet. It's too bad I found about this volunteer experience too late, I wish I could be their to watch them grow in terms of reading, writing and learning.

This is Lizbeth and a little girl, whose name I do not know at the top of my head. All these students like to talk to me in Spanish because they are comfortable with it, BUT I always stress that ENG is important because they are living in the states where ENG is the epitome of a good job and such. So speaking in Spanish at school will probably have to stop. This reminds me of the time my mother told me that Natives were forced to learn ENGLISH and forget about their native language.

It also reminds me of the times my sisters were hit with a ruler when they spoke in Spanish if they did so at the foster homes they lived in. Geez.  

I'm sure I'll see them next week, but I can't help, but miss them already. They have so much too learn still. In fact, lizbeth didn't know what graduating meant-at all. Not even when I translated which is sad because I don't know how many people will give tutoring a try next year.

Irvin loves reading, I really hope he continues to persue reading as a hobby as he currently does. Sweet kids.


 Because I met Irving first, I told him about me returning to "tejas," he said, "yo si te voy a extranar" to which I replied, " aww, yo tambien."

Lizbeth seemed a bit worried, stating, "Yo te voy a extranar. Y los nuevos tutores van a hablar en Espanol?" to which I replied, "Eso no se. Ojala que si."

I love these kids.I even felt bad for missing my first Monday due to an increasing amount of work, but thankfully I gave them each a gift that day to help them remember that I was thinking of them. :)

Until another everyone!


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