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Wasting time or making up for lost time, it feels like things are changing, uncluding myself

At the age of 3 I remember sitting on the sofa and reading the Houston Chronicle, stopping mid-sentence in an effort to pronounce a difficult word down to a tee. No one ever taught me to read, I am sure being an introvert helped me amazingly enough though. Since then, I could remember writing, “April daviLa in slightly tilted letters. My penmanship might have been a little jumpy, but I realized that the sounds of these letters could make people listen. Of course, there was a bit of a knack to doing so.

 Meaning that I often used my soft voice, to counter prove what was being offered instead. I was adamant that what I believed in(becoming a comic book writer and illustrator) was a dream that would become a reality. I just had to get the right people to ask, but most importantly, ask the right questions to be persuasive enough to fullfill my plan. So, classroom microphone in hand and notes on the other, I raced down the hall during lunch hour to “interview” all the teachers about having a book club. A book club enabled me to think in words, but it also formed a moment where all students could feel safe in this afterschool activitiy, and using the arts to express our endless energies. During that time our President cut Recess and I felt as though my brain was in overdrive, but had no medium to work throuhg it.

I still have that knack for speaking with all people. Race, ethnicity and disability is the least of my worries when trying to communicate with anyone regarding news beats, or interviews. In fact, this assertive approach helped me better understand people’s reaction to what I asked. I look back on my approach as though I were editing an editorial and realize that teachers did not feel as intimidated about how I did not back down. There stood a bit of hesitation with my need to conjure up the answers into informative key pieces to use when other volunteers and mothers were frightened to speak up for what they believed this club had potential. I made sure that I incorporated the mass key pieces in an orderly manner, sometimes driving my sisters’ nuts over using all of their office supplies.  I had a goal, made the right moves, asked the correct questions and was validated as a Hispanic, female with a powerful voice. If something as a small gesture as the one mentioned went noticed, I know now that communications is the direction I want to continue to improve on, as a career, for the rest of my life.

With my degree, and no work found in the career I want to be in, I find myself volunteering for causes that help the younger generation. Some of these include speaking to mentally handicapped kids, speaking to them as you would your brother, sister or family friend. You never want to treat them as though they are less for how they are. Yes, they are not ADHD as I am, but I do understand their level somewhat.

I survived an eight-day coma. Doctors would constantly tell my mom that I would be better off dead because living as a vegetable would be a worthless life. Not on my watch! I distinctly remember opening my eyes and seeing it was 9:30 the next morning. I was awake, I could feel myself breathing, I might have thought in a flub that I might have died, but no, I live. I live and continue to do so. Every day, I train my mind to focus, any other persons speech near me often intertwines in my thoughts and affects what comes out of my mouth.  I live with ADHD, but I am a living testament that with hard work, someone would take me seriously enough to let my dreams of speaking, giving news, doing interviews and most importantly making connections with people of all ages and not at all, giving a second thought to my or their disabilities.

Despite all this hardship, I managed to graduate college and continuously pursue a lifelong dream of newscaster, informative. I see myself up there. I want the control I know I attained as a young girl to become a better version of myself then, today

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