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"What About Now" Deluxe Version - Bon Jovi

“Whoa! We’re half way there, Whoa oh! Livin’ On A Prayer!”

 Maybe you’ve heard of the classic “Livin’ On a Prayer” somewhere, at least once. “Livin’ On a Prayer” has been around since 1986, it’s creators, Bon Jovi since 1983. Yeah. Pretty long time, and yes, they are still around and rocking around the world.

Last month, Bon Jovi released their twelfth  studio album “What About Now”.  It then became their fifth number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Being a devout fan, I pre-ordered it and had it in my hands the day it was released. It is a great album, filled with uplifting and motivational messages along with catchy tunes and guitar riffs. Many long time fans were disappointed, being that most of Bon Jovi’s recent releases are nothing like their older stuff. I personally believe “What About Now” is a pretty good album. Here is my little review of a portion of the songs it contains, and why you should add it to your music library.

“What About Now Deluxe Version” – Bon Jovi

1. Because We Can

2. I'm With You

3. What About Now

4. Pictures Of You

5. Amen

6. That's What The Water Made Me

7. What's Left Of Me

8. Army Of One

9. Thick As Thieves

10. Beautiful World

11. Room At The End Of The World

12. The Fighter



13. With These Two Hands

14. Into The Echo

15. Not Running Anymore


The album's first single. "Because We Can" is one of those GET UP AND DO SOMETHING songs. It has a nice little catchy beat, and a memorable chorus. " I don't want to be another wave in the ocean, i am a rock, not just another grain of sand..." Are you just another wave in the ocean or will you stand out? We have the ability to get things done.  "...If we Believe in We, We Can..." All we have to do is get up and do it. Why should you help your community out? Because you can. Why should you try your best? Because you can. Why should you stand out? Because you can.

Because We Can Lyrics Video


This is definitely one of my favorite songs off the album. "I'm With You" is on my "Uplifting"playlist. To me, "I'm With You" basically says that whatever happens, know that you aren't alone. "..When hope is gone, and all you want is the truth, (I'm with you), You carry on when they say it's no use, (i'm with you)..." It's like saying "I feel you". People have gone through the same before. Don't give in, you can do it, I'm with you.

I'm With You Lyrics Video


"You wanna start a fire
It only takes a spark
You gotta get behind the wheel
If you're ever gonna drive that car

If you wanna take a bite
You'd better have the teeth
If you're gonna take that step
Then get up off of your knees.."

"What About Now" (title track) in my opinion serves as a great counterpart to both "Because We Can" and "I'm With You" With Because We Can you think about all the things you want to do, and the things you can do to make you stand out. With "Im With You" you are reminded that we are all human and have faced the obstacles of life, we can make it through anything. "What About Now" is the one that says "Okay then, now that you know what you can do, and that you can actually do it, why don't you do it?" When? "What About Now?" 

What About Now Lyrics Video


One of my other favorites. Great love song! I love how throughout the song there are various references to painting. My favorite lines are

"If I should go crazy,

if I would go blind, 

I'd still fill the canvas from the pictures in my mind, 

If that's the only way to make you mine..."

It has awesome little guitar riffs here and there, and at the end there is an awesome, classic Jon Bon Jovi "Whoa Oh Oh" that kills me every time i hear it. 

Pictures Of You Lyrics Video


This song does not vary much in terms of lyrics, but it's still a good song with a catchy organ riff in the background. Pretty much what this song is saying is that you shouldn't give up, ever, because "'re an army of one...". Lyrics are simple, yet it has a great melody.It was the first song that stuck to me after "Because We Can". It was even chosen as the theme song for one of Discovery Channel's newest shows "North America".

North America Opening

Army Of One Lyrics Video


I like this song's message. Yeah, not everything is perfect, but you just got to see the bright side of things. "It's a diamond, it's a dirty plastic pearl, ah, but ain't it a Beautiful World?..." What ever it is, there's a bright side to it. The cup might be half empty but at least it's got something in it in the first place! I like the guitar riffs this song contains, they are light and cheery, just like a nice sunny day outside. Just like the "Beautiful World" we live in.

Beautiful World Lyrics Video


Another song off this album that I love. Our hands are one of our greatest tools. The lyrics to this song highlight just a few of the possibilities available thanks to our hands. Humans are doers, that is why we are equipped with hands, we create with our hands. I see this song as counterpart to "What About Now". You can create and achieve anything you want, "...with these two hands...". My favorite lines are

"...wipe the tear drops from your eyes,

reach up until we touch the sky,

free the dream and make it true,

no, there ain't nothing we can't do,

no, there ain't nothing we can't do..."

With These Two Hands Lyrics Video (Fan made)

Overall I was satisfied with the album. I like the cheery notes that are present throughout it, they fit their lyrics perfectly. Hope you take a listen and comment what you think! If you want the songs for your music library, contact me, i'll be happy to pass them on.


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