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What Cause Are You Most Passionate About?

We asked Latinitas what cause or issue they are most passionate about. Here is what they said...

"I chose teen pregnancy because you should not be pregnant at such a young age. You should be having fun partying , going to the mall,and going out with friends, not buying baby formula and pampers." - Alexis P.

"Teen Pregnancy/Abortion is my main issue. I think that it is not fair for the little ones, that do not get to live the life they were given, Also, related to the young girls who are pregnant, they fool around and that is why they automatically want to abort, in order to not ruin their reputation in High School. I think we need to be there for these girls so they wont make this mistake. We need to be supportive." - Jocelyne P.

"I think the cause i am more passionate about is feeding those in need. Everyone should have something to eat at least  once a day. No one should have to go a day without having a meal. Especially any kids because it is not their fault." - Jessica M.

"Bilingualism in the U.S. The U.S is a country that feels very threatened by other languages, even though it's a melting pot. Spanish is the second most spoken language and ranks as the #3 country with the most spanish speakers. Being able to accept not only spanish, but other languages would help the U.S be more accepting. When you're a more accepting person you learn more." - Victoria S.

"An issue that i am most passionate about is the current health care system in the United States. I don't believe the the United States is doing everything they can to bring health care to all of the people. There is room for improvement! I think health has become more about insurance ad paperwork and less about the person being treated." -Stephanie F.

"Putting too much pressure on students about testing. I feel very strong about students at school feeling way too much pressure about passing. Not only are the students stressed but so are the teachers. No one realizes the hardship through elementary to High School." - Meghan M.

"The city's increase in pets. More cruelty for animals is a high risk. Dogs or cats have been mistreated, abandoned, or killed. Society has been malicious with these animals. Every city should have a law to adopt a pet and fic them so animals wont have to painfully suffer." - Perla R.

"Poverty: It is an issue that is worldwide and ultimately affects everyone, but especially children. Many people remain unaware about some of their own issues with poverty in their community. Education people on these issues is a way of mobilizing and addressing the issue." - Jazmin

"The issue that i am most passionate about is the issue of discrimination in America. Discrimination can happen to anyone, weather it be religious , gender related, or racial. I believe that the main reason behind discrimination would be ignorance. Most cases of discrimination are based upon appearance, and the lack of knowledge and jumping to conclusions. I have to admit that we are slowly progressing as a country. A good amount has been accomplished since the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but there is still a lot to work on, especially with gender discrimination." - Janette M.

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