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A few weeks ago the main topic in everyones conversation was THE TEXAS Lottery. Made me think of course about what I would like to do :D because its ok to dream. I would do many things and I would help many people, again its fun to dream.

Let's assume the take home cash value is 325,000,000

I would donate a huge amount to Latinitas. that way both offices could expand. Alicia and other from Austin could have company credit cards and could buy computers, equipment, and larger office spaces. Latinitas could have commercials and could grow- I'd like that very much and they could sponsor trips or other organizations. I'm sure the girls would like to go to sea world or six flags or something.


My husband has always wanted to open a race track and sub woofer company so id definately let him do that. He wants to stimulate the economy in El Paso. and has ideas on how to get approved by the city and everything.


I'd like to open my own bed and breakfast. I';d have people running it of course but I'd definately like to supervise it when possible. It would be small about 7-10 bedrooms including romantic suites, we'd grow our own vegetables used in the kitchen and have massive gardens and grass and a pool for guests to enjoy. I'd make it secluded like a retreat ;)


I'd pay off my family's debt like cars and house I'd buy my family new cars and houses I'm sure my dad would say no hed just want to stay in his house but do updates to it like tile flooring refrigerated air etc. Also my husbands family that way they dont have to worry.


I have alot of friends who still owe loans or cars. I'd help them out with that. I have friends with car problems Id get them a new one. (Keep in mind it's kinda tough to make friends with me so I'm referring to like 8 people.) I'm sure people would ask for money and that would make me confused because most of my family have never been there for us but im sure theyd be quick to ask or judge if I dont help.


Id make my parents dreams come true. Id take my dad to a world cup and wed stay all month and watch most of the games. Id also take him traveling and my mom all she wants is to go to Disney land one day and to see the Ocean again (shes only seen it once) trust me Id make that happen.


Id donate money to other non profits and organizations as well as my University.


you see how this is never ending??....... but it does put you in a good mood to think of the possibility. So what would others do??

Of course there is more I'd do. Like id design my home and anawesome baby room for my coming baby. Id get life insurance for my fam. id pay off college for my 4 year old niece etc..


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