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What latinitas think about women being in STEM careers

 During the STEM camps we address the type of careers that are out there that are mostly dominated by males and that women are not seen working in those fields that much. Our girls got a lesson on what STEM means which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The girls were then asked to write what they thought of women working in  these careers and to give an example of a women working in these careers.

" I think women would be best at mathematics. Women should do math because they can solve life problems. " - Helen

" Ruth Gonzalez, is the first Hispanic women to get a PhD in math. She create technology for the specialist. She help them to find oil and gas." -Helen

" I think women would be best at technology. Women should do technology because they are always on their phones and they are smart and connect with technology." - Makayla

" Elvea Selrona, she was living in different part of the world because her dad work in the military. People would make fun of her."

" I think women should do science. I think women should do science because they are smart and would be able to remember and know what they are supposed to do." - Rosalie

" I think women should go to STEM fields to learn, and create more new things like games." - Mitzzie

" Andreana Ocampa, was born in Colombia but she was raised in Argentina. She got interested in science when she was very young and ended up making a career in science and worked in the NASA where she was part of investigating the crater that was in Jutitan, Mexico."- Mitzzie 

" I think women would be best at science. I think women should do science  because they are intelligent and like science" - Grettel

" Ellen Ochoa she is an Astronaut and she was the first women to go to space." - Grettel

" I think women should go to STEM fields to show other girls they can do it also" - Emerald

" Lidea Vila, she is a biologist" - Emerlad

" I think women want to study any STEM field because they are interested in it and because they want more women in those fields" - Crisbelle

" I think women should go for STEM fields to try harder and keep reaching their goals" - Nydia

" I think there should be more women in STEM because they are smart" - Kenya

" Por que las mujeres son muy inteligentes en las matematicas van a la Universidad a aprender mas y puedan hacer un cambio en el future"- Brisa

" Because girls are intelligent and awesome" - unknown

" I believe women should go for STEM because girls/ women are really smart and even if you are a girl it wouldn't matter because women are strong, smart, and powerful."- unknown

" I think girls should go into STEM fields because they get paid a lot and it is important that girls have the chance to get better paying jobs"- unknown

" I want to do math because I don't thing boys are the smartest than girls and I know that girls can do better and I like math" - Ariadna

" I think that the womens should take their own career and that women are better than the boys." - Melissa

" I want to do science because I'm smart" - Andrea

" Women are more bright and smarter than men in each and every way because we think of others than ourselves. We also have creative ways in life." - unknown

" I think that it would be a good opportunity for us women and it does not matter what sex we are, we are equal" - Kathryn

" It is important that the girls that wanna do the same things as the boys because the girls are important too." - Evelyn

" Womens can do better than boys but I think that they don't give a chance to work as an engineer or something else." - Berenice

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