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Why don’t Hispanics support one another?

I was away at school when the Arizona immigration law came into light. That night at the sorority meeting we had a discussion about it. I left the room angrier with
my fellow Hispanic sisters, than at the white people passing the law.

The young women were agreeing with the law, because they said it didn’t really affect them. If you were in this country illegally then you should be arrested,
treated just like every other race/ethnicity that comes into the U.S.

However, is that true? Ate Hispanics immigrating into the U.S. treated like everyone else?

Who else would work the fields; overlook the labor pain of picking crops? Who would take three jobs and ignore the fact that they are not getting paid as well as
they should?

Some of the people coming into the country are beyond the poor we can imagine. It’s impossible for the country to expect people who can’t read, or write pay hundreds
of dollars for paperwork to immigrate legally, only to ask them to work in poor
conditions out in the fields. The annual income of some families may be merely
$100 a year.

Even to become citizens already living in the U.S. for years, it’s difficult. The questions they ask are difficult, even born U.S. citizens can’t answer the
questions. Seeing as how the person leading the interview may ask questions
beyond those given ahead of time, it doesn’t seem fair.

Maybe it’s because it’s easier for me to view the side of the poor immigrant worker, compared to my friends that I take such passion on the matter.

However, it is insulting for a human being that shares cultures to turn their backs on them. There may be a small minority of Hispanics that cross the border and line
up to the welfare line immediately, but don’t let those be the reason you don’t
support Hispanics.

Arizona may be hiding behind the mask of drug cartels, but you will not solve the issue of drugs by going after the people at the very bottom of the food chain.

Since I was in middle school I’ve known classmates that were arrested for dealing drugs, they were barely 12 or 13 years old. The problem is not the young boy or
girl dealing, but the person behind them. Who gave them the drugs? Why did
their parents not intervene? Why does no one care?

In our society it is part of the evening news to see the black or brown man getting put away in hand cuffs for stealing, but do you see the white rich man
riding in the back of a cop car for embezzling millions of dollars?

It’s all a snowball effect, if we let them take an inch away from us it will soon accumulate.

The war with drugs is simple demand and supply struggle. People in Mexico and other countries would not be killing themselves to supply drugs if there wasn’t a
massive demand for them in the U.S.

You may view them as savages, and degraded human beings killing one another for the drug business, but whom are the ones encouraging it?

It’s like that not really good movie, where a serial killer kidnaps someone and puts him or her in front of a webcam. And it’s the people that visit the site that
kill the person, not the killer.

Of course the killer kidnapped them in the first place, but no one is forcing people in the U.S. to use cocaine.

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