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Why I love Science. :) (And a little motivation for being a great nerd)

I know many of you girls reading these blogs are interested in media, technology, journalism, etc., but I would like to take a break from all that good stuff just for a few minutes and give you a little information on another interesting topic: SCIENCE!

Yaaaay. :)

Most of you probably don't really like it, and that's completely fine. I didn't like it up until a few months ago, either. Now that I enjoy learning about it (my major's Microbiology with a minor in Psychology), I want more people to share my interests, too. At least a little bit. A tiny bit. A microscopic amount.

Yes, it can be pretty hard, but you don't have to understand the differences between DNA replication, transcription, and translation to appreciate science. Science is all around us. It's what's going on in your stomach as you finish that last slice of pizza, to the tears in your muscles after that killer workout you just had right after you ate that pizza (or before if you like to live dangerously). I work with science every day, inside and outside of school. I do research with mosquitoes to test them for viruses, and I work with Cancer cells in a lab I'm currently taking. I have met some amazing people in the labs that I am working in, and have an amazing professor that teaches my Molecular Cell Biology course (this class teaches you about how cells do what they do in your body and what happens if something goes wrong). We have so much fun that it hardly feels like we're working!

Most people think that you're weird if you like Science, or that you're a nerd if all you do is study. Well, I'm a proud nerd. And being a nerd isn't a bad thing at all! It really feels good to be able to answer questions most people couldn't. Knowledge is power! *flexes* But that goes for anything you do in life. Whatever you do, be great at it. If you don't know an answer, ask someone who does. Or look for that answer. But whatever you do, NEVER stop looking . Never settle. If you get comfortable with what you're doing, do something that scares you. This is partially why I am studying Science in the first place. I think Science is one of the hardest things that I have ever learned, so I chose to make it my degree. I eventually want to become a medical doctor, which terrifies me, but it gives me all the more reason to conquer these fears, and master them. I'm not saying to go sky-diving or jump off a cliff hanging by a thin piece of string, but do something that scares you, AND excites you. If it gives you a tingly feeling in your stomach when you finally learned something, and REMEMBERED it, keep going! It'll be worth it. :)


Here are some links for some cool videos that explain the basics of Biology. Feel free to check out the other topics they go over, too! They range from History, to Anatomy, Psychology, and more! They'll help you get that A! :)

The link below includes some more cool, short, science videos that answer interesting questions, like "what would happen if you stopped drinking water?" and "what if you stopped sleeping?"

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