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Why is caring for animals so important?

Girl Scouts from the Desert Southwest teamed up with Latinitas and came up with a few answers and top take action tips in why this issue is important, and how they can make a difference!

Alejandra Figueroa- It's sad how a lot of animals are abandoned when their owners are moving states. They get left behind. People can make a difference by asking others to go adopt a dog or cat at the Humane Society, which is something I would like to do to help out.

Poala Alcantar- I really like the Human Society because they help save animals that are found on the streets.

Alyssa Lucero- A top take action tip to take care of animals, is to raise money to buy supplies for the dogs. Create fundraisers!

Anonymous- A way to make a difference to fix this problem is to donate oatmeal shampoo and dog treats to dogs at the Human Society to help take care of them.

Alyssa Tomas- I think that animal cruelty is an important cause, because some people don't know that animals have feelings and when people hurt them it makes animals feel not wanted and then they either end up dead or on the street as strays because of their owners. My top take action tip is to start to have girls make a campaign about animal cruelty and make awareness to other people about it and how to stop it.

Vanessa- I care about animals because it's very sad that people hurt them just because animals can't talk, but they DO have feelings. If I were able to give a donation of $100, I would and give it to the Humane Society.

Anonymous- Homeless animals are hurt, lonely, and scared.

Anonymous- I think taking care of animals is a good cause to  care about because many dogs are being left in the streets and getting killed by cars or getting stuck in things. A tip is when you leave your house you should put your dog outside in a kennel so he won't jump out the fence and escape.

Haylee- I think it is important to care for animals because dogs and cats are being put down and are getting lost. Dogs and cats are like people, we all know they are animals, but they have feelings too.

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