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Ladies let’s face it, we’ve all day dreamed about a boy, had a crush, and wish a certain boy can be ours. One of the worse feelings in the world is being lonely, or wishing you were with someone. I’ve had those moments and wonder why on earth things are the way they are. I am 20 years old now, and lately my family and friends have been getting married and having babies. It leaves many questions like when will I find a guy, and when will it be my turn. While it’s something I still think about, I realized it is okay to be single. Here are a few things to think about to keep your spirits up until you find someone:

  1. Get to know yourself: Since you have this time, reflect and think about what makes you the person you are. Dating is supposed to be fun, but if someone knocks you down, well, don’t let them. Realize why you are a great person, maybe because you can do the thriller dance, or maybe because you can burp the alphabet, or maybe you are just the coolest person in the world.
  2. Learn new things: If you find yourself bored, well do something to pass the time. Maybe you wanted to learn guitar? Now is the time to focus on something and accomplish it. I like to scrapbook, so that’s what I do.
  3. Have fun: There is a song by the Supremes and the song says “You can’t hurry love”. For me, that is true, so until then have fun. While you’re single, you have more freedom like going to different places with your friends, spending money on yourself, and flirting with different guys. Once you’re in a relationship, some of those freedoms can be hard to have.

Remember to be patient because your time will come. Until then, think about these things I talked about.

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Comment by Kimberly Kerr on July 9, 2012 at 1:20pm

good advice!

Comment by Giselle Rosas on July 8, 2012 at 9:34pm

Hello Maria Teresa! I think you have given very good advice. I think that being single can be a very exciting moment. I had a long term relationship at a young age, and visualized marriage by the time I was 21. This scared me! and at many times even though I was happy, I wished that the right guy could've come at a later time in my life. I felt the urge to meet different guys, and flirt as you said! I also wanted to travel and be "free" in some sense. I eventually ended my relationship because of this, and I completely see the benefits in being single! There is a time for everything, and it is different for all of us.




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