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Why seeing Gina Rodriguez on the cover of Women's Health was so refreshing

This Saturday morning, I needed a pick me up and reading something inspirational and powering is always the ticket. Well, I started out with my usual cup of coffee and watched Jane the Virgin to distract me. Like every morning, I check all of my social media and sweeping through Twitter is nothing unusual. I then came across Gina Rodriguez being talked about and I decided to follow the trend and I came across Women's Health magazine and right in the cover was Gina Rodriguez. Something deep down told me, "get the magazine!" I instantly went to Hastings and snagged the issue. The magazine was everything inspiring and more. When I got to Gina's page... I was so inspired and empowered that I knew I had to write about it to all the Latinas. I learned so much about her and what she represents that it made me appreciate her even more and honestly, hardcore Fangirl. lolololol 

Some awesome facts about her 

Not only the fact that she's Latina, but all the things she is doing to reflect the powerful Latina to the world. She joined The Hispanic Scholarship Fund's board, she's writing a book called We Will, as well as funding the program also called We Will; a non-profit organization to improve arts-education access and funding for underprivileged kids. Isn't she awesome?! 

How she handles criticism

Everyone knows that when one becomes famous, criticism will always be there, from body shaming, health shaming, and even Latina shaming. Gina spoke about all of these things in the magazine and it really hit home with me and I know it can hit home with you, chicas. Gina spoke about how she has body issues and how it doesn't help when trolls on social media say horrible things but she's learned to love herself and not let the mean words get to her. She said something that was so true and It helped me on my own body issues "I thought, Nope- not today. Your perfect is your perfect, not anybody else's, and not this illusionary perfect curve." What an amazing way to help yourself AND give a better outlook to all women. 

What really made me happy was knowing that she turns down roles for parts that dont represent Latinas. She makes it her goal to represent Latinas and hopes one day to become Latina Oprah. "Oprah unified a community to feel their honor, their grace, and their power, and to fuel it positively. Latinos do feel segregated, even within the community itself, so lets get together and show people how strong we are." 

Seriously, can you not see how wonderful and inspiring she is? If you want a strong Latina to look up to, she's your girl. 

Im going to go back to Fangirling now. =) 

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