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Blog Contest: I LOVE SCHOOL! ¡Me Encanta La Escuela!

Why Should We Love School? 

Unfortunately there are many kids who drop out of school. When people drop out of school this makes it very hard for them to go to college and to get a job

Our mission is to send a message to kids everywhere about the importance of staying in school and loving it! 

Please add your blog to this discussion forum. Tell us why you love school and what advice you have for other students. The best blog will receive a surprise gift card awarded at the end of March!

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i love school because i get to learn new stuff that i havent learned before and every year you get to meet new people and make new friend. I also like school because you can join a lot of clubs and even be part of a sports team. One great experience that i remember from last year during the school year, was when i joined the soccer team. Even though i wasnt that good at it, i got to try it out. It was really fun because i learned more about soccer and i made new friends. After soccer season i felt really proud of myself because i used to not be involved in school but i realized that i could be good a t something. Later on that motivated me to continue liking soccer. School can be boring but sometimes it can be really fun if you choose it to be. I cannot imagine what it would be like if there was no school. we wouldnt know anything about people or other parts of the world. If i didnt go to school i would be really dumb and it woulnt be a good example for my children in the future.

i love school because not only i hang out with my friends the other reason is because i learn different things every day.and i guess because you have more freedom and everyday you meet new people. some teachers might get on your nerves but thats the point because sometimes its funny and you might actually learn from that.If theyre was no school most of the people would die from diseases.We wouldnt have no friends and it will be boring saying at home every day without doing anything. Other kids might think it sucks but in my opinion school is cool i guess.

A special experience that ive had is that i learned to play volleyball not only i made friends i learned how to play a new sport that i didnt like before i was in the volley ball team for the whole year i think it was the whole year i dont remember haha,

i love school because it challanges me to do better and if i don't do good then my parents push me.  in 1st i met my best friend we don't get to talk as much as we used to because well distance and all but at least school let's me see him and the neighborhoods were more funer because we all went to the same school and knew each other.  if i were to drop out of school i would be.....ha pretty much hopeless, and probably go live with a friend.  but i'd have no money to my name at all i would get the suckiest job ever.  life with no school is like.....crazy.  we wouldn't know how to confront someone and ask to be friends...i went to a girl and hit her on her arm and asked "hey what's up, wana be friends?" now her and i are pretty good haha but that wouldn't always work cause now a days people fight for the stupidest reasons and at least school knocks some since into them.  down side is that there's people with the same name or sound the same like "marisa, alicia".  i got to meet my current bf through schoool:) and my cousin is here as a senior.(akins high school)

I love school because you can see your friends and also to get a really good collage and so i can get a good job that i love. If i would have droped out of school life would be really hard for me because you will get a bad job and get payed mimimum wage. Also you will have to work hard for the rest of your life. If you stay you dont have to worry about getting a good job that pays you good and you can get a good house or apartment in a good neighborhood. But if there was no school at all i would be really bored and i wouldnt have any friends wont know anything about life and wont know how do to anything and so i can be successful in life. If you stay in school you will get to do what you love to do the most and you will get to find out more stuff about the stuff that you love to do.(Akins High School)

We all hate school for many reasons right?


  Well there's a way to love school, like joining a club! iMedia is one example that I love about school every Tuesday, it like brightens my day you know? We learn about many stuff there, like photography, computers, & the media we have out there in our world.

  You might of heard your parents say this about school, "Go to school or bad consequences will happen to you in the future..." Hey! They are right! Because if you don't go to school you won't get the grades you want, get the bad job you never always wanted or not even have friends. At all.

   See if you DO go to school you'll get the education, the friends and even the best experiences you've ever had!

Let's go back to Elementary, remember when you had the field trips to the most randomest places like a museum or even the park? What about the little Choir concerts you had with your grade class? Or how about the plays that your music teachers made you do in front of the school? Those days were fun right? 

   Back when I was in Pre-K which was about 35812 years ago, I remember waking up in the morning knowing that I was going to school & make gingerbread cookies for the class & read about the Gingerbread Man running away and so on. That's what kept me pumped up ever since. Then around 3-4th grade I started to love it even more like when it was the "100th day of school" our class would do stuff with 100 things in it. Middle school came, I thought moving to a different school for upperclassmen was a scary thing but I got over it when it was the 2 semester of 6th grade. I started to realize that these changes of school will help our growth. I've met new friends and changed my view in school.

   What if you didn't have school? Will you have the friends you have now? Or be solo on your own working at the worst places you've ever imagines with NO education? All these questions come to one simple answer go to school!

   Last subject, High School. I'm in the 10th grade & I'm still loving school ever since Pre-K. Have you ever heard of the saying "High school is one of the best times of your life"? Well it's true so far, I mean seriously we have so much options in high school like after school clubs, dances, tournaments, sports, the variety of foods, the freedom. Yup, it's becoming true for me. High school is a nice way is to meet new people from all around the world, different places, different states, different cities, & of course different traditions.

    To close this up just accept how school is, love it, live it, and enjoy it. :)


Love school! Encanta la escuela! <3

 (Akins High School)

Itzel Escobar 10th grade

Why so many teens nowadays decide to quit school? What does it say about these people and about society in general? What future can drop-outs have in the country that needs intelligent residents, in the 21st century - the age of new technologies and new solutions? The answer is not very optimistic: McDonald's, yardman, cleaning toilets. Is it what you dream of?

When thinking about school, one should concentrate on positive things. Of course, it's not perfect and you need to work in order to achieve at least something. But who said that life is easy? Personally I believe that if you're not a child of Donald Trump or some Persian monarch, you must get good education. Once you've completed school, a world of big opportunities is opened for you. You can choose a job that will be bringing you joy and satisfaction every given day. You can get high-paid job, make lots of money, travel all over the world, buy things that you want. It all starts with the school.

School also is a great place to meet new people, learn how to be a member of society, how to deal with difficult situations and different people, how to get your work done. Essential thing in our lives. Personally I know at least five couples that met each other in school and now having kids after living together for many years. It's a place where people usually find their best friend, often for whole life. Here I met girls that became even something more than best friends for me. Soul mates, sisters, guardian angels. So close, so intimate!  And I know that there's nothing in this world that can break our friendship. Nor distances neither time. It all started with the school.

In school I met teachers that enriched my life so much that it's even impossible to describe. By sharing their experiences,  telling about their expectations, believing in me with all their hearts, they made me what I am right now.

Thanks to one of my teachers I found the thing that I'm going to do in this life. She made me passionate about it, she gave me  knowledge, she gave me skills.

No matter who are you, who are your parents, what are your skin color or your ethnicity, you should understand one thing:  LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! So choose right things and remember that they all start with the school!

School it always seems to be boring and just the same every day, but once you look at it or think about it is the BEST thing ever like seriously. I love school for many reasons such as friends, memories, and guys yup cant leave the guys behind. So for me i look at school as another home where teachers become parents best friends become brothers and sisters and just a new family who will be there for you. If something is going wrong at home or you just have something that you need to talk about you have your friends and teachers to talk to which in my case friends are the ones who i run to for help. There comes a time in your life where your parents don't support you for college or any decision that you make and well at school you have your friends to help you out into making that decision or to persuade you into going to college with them and trust me they wont leave you alone until you apply to a college. Now i dont know if i am making any sense here but i am just letting you know that school is a GREAT part in your LIFE in many different ways that i just cant seem to find the right words to explain how i feel for school but to just say that it will always bring me good memories from class and friends making you laugh non stop. So stay in school have fun make memories and enjoy your high school year. PS. Go to College you wont regret it. (: <3

I like school and at my school like if we work for sixty seconds we get a wristband then we get box and then we get a bag with a water bottle. We may not
like it but our days go by fast and some people may hate their classes and may
like talking about kindergarten and like talking about it because they liked
those days when they were in elementary. So some people like this person
dropped out and now when that person goes to high school that person isn’t
going to be amazed because they dropped out. When I was little I use to hate
school because the long days and hours and when I was in third grade I use to
say I hated school about then now. I like school because I think just because
people say they don’t like school and some people think school is boring and fake
sicknesses and like one time I didn’t want to go to school. so I started crying
and missed school then that week I got sick so the next time I do that I’m
going to really be sick and not just do it just because I don’t like school.
But now I have to show a good example for my little sister and cousins and
nephew so now I love school not because of them because it’s helped me through
a lot of things.


I love school because I get to learn many things that I don't know. If I go to a new school I can always make new best friends.I can look forward to school because I see my friends and I study at my favorite classes. I also feel that school is a priority, but a fun priority. You need to go but even if you have a class that you don't like you always learn things that can be used in your life. My school is awesome in many ways. You have teachers who are always happy to help you and teachers that encourage you and care for you.Teachers and staff always want you to be a great leader. I feel that school is very accepting because they always seem to know what you want. Teachers have tutoring whenever you need them. I feel that school is important because you always seem to need the studies that you learned and you have already been taught. I feel that school is part of my life and of course it is but not just because I go to it but because you always have that feeling that you want to go again. Don't you ever feel in the Summer that you want school to start again? My advice for people who want to drop out is don't drop out! What you will get if you drop out is that you won't get a good job when your older well you say I don't care but you won't get the house you want or the salary you want. My advice for people who have already dropped out is go to school again! You say it's too late but it's never too late to go to school. Many people who have dropped out of school are already in their 20's or 30's and they go back to school. They come back fresh with information and they go to a job they actually enjoy and don't get tired of. They get the salary that they want, and have a house they never been able to afford because of not getting a good job and it all goes back to dropping out of school. See how much damage dropping out of school can do to your life and how much you can improve on it? Loving school is a big thing. Even if you don't like school after you finish college, you won't regret that you went to school. Don't drop out after all the hard work and all the thought you gave to your homework and work in class. Why throw away all you did just because you don't like school? Does it really make sense to drop out after you spend many years in school? That is my advice to you and how I love school so much and how you can love it too! -RICHARDS

   I love my school because I get the chance to make new friends, and learn many new things!!!  The first thing i love about school is making new friends which is very easy for me because since my coming to this school I have opened up due to the calm and friendly enviroment.  The second thing i like is learning new things because i strongly feel and agree that you can never learn too many things!!!!!  I also strongly feel that if I learn/know many things then I have a better chance of getting a job that i'm more happy with.  I feel that it is easier to learn in a school enviroment rather than in my home or an office because at my school i can be myself.  Where if i was at home or in an office learning i would be easily distracted or nervous because i would have no friends around or anyone else to get input or help from.  If i lived in a country such as Afghanistan where girls like me would not be able to go to school i would probably feel very left out!!!  I would protest that no matter what gender you are has no effect on how smart you are!!!  Some advice that i have for anyone who has feelings for dropping out of school that before they decide on anything STOP AND THINK FIRST......  What good will come out of becoming a high school dropout?  What is best job that I could possibly get and enjoy even though i have no education?!?  If your answer is to become a custodian or burger flipper at McDonalds with a very small salary.  If you don't want to do these jobs...then becoming a high school dropout is NOT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you ever feel like even though you got in trouble at school, got in a fight, or found yourself caught in a HUGE argument with your best friend don't you feel that somewhere way down deep inside you tell yourself "Hey even though today wasn't the best day ever I still can't wait to come to school tomorrow and learn all about the underground railroad (etc...)..."  Well let's say the worst case senario is that you are already a high school dropout but are now regreting it, THERE IS NO NEED TO WORRY!!!  You can always find a way to go back to school and get all the information that you need!!!  There are always people who are willing to take the time out of their day and help you!!!  It's never oo late to turn your sad high school dropout life into a statement such as, "i'm very happy and just as well educated as the person before"  Even though it may be very tough to attend college (school) and still manage all of your hard work in your every day life, you won't soon forget how well educated you are!!!  YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO SMART!!!  So I very well know that this blog post has ALOT of feeling and thought put into it, but PLEASE don't just read through this go "yeah whatever i know that already and i'm living a perfectly fine life!", JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!  So thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read my thoughts on why school is fun, interesting, and very valuble and if there is only one thing you take home from this post PLEASE let it be that "YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO SMART AND THAT EVERYONE CAN GO TO SCHOOL!!!  THERE ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE WAITING TO HELP YOU AND YOU CAN SUCCEED AND GET THE JOB YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF HAVING!!!"- Ann Richards


    I love my school because the teachers help me one on one like if I don't understand something in tutoring the teachers will tell you "maybe we should have one on one because you not getting it but that's ok because i will help you". I think that it is very cool  that they will take the time from there busy schedule.I also love school because my friends accept me the way I am. Not at very many schools teachers help you like they need to,friends care what you think,and you have a great counselor that help you with the problems you have in school and out of school. Now isn't the kind of school you want, then go to ann richards 

WHY I LOVE SCHOOL: The reason why I love school is because every time that I come here and I learn something I am becoming a smarter and better person. When I was 5 years old we had to go to Mexico and live with my grandma because she was sick and dying so I didn’t get to go to a regular school. Instead I was home schooled by my mom. We stayed there for 3 years and then my grandma died so we came back to Austin. When we came back I was really scared of going to school but my mom still made me go and then I realized that it wasn’t that bad after all. I got to meet new friends that now a days are still my friends and the most important thing of all I will always be learning great things as long as I stay in school. That is why I want to go to college so that I can get a better education and get the awesome job I want. I am proud of my self for loving school because with out it I will not be the person I am now. I really hope that every latinita feels the same way.

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