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Blog Contest: I LOVE SCHOOL! ¡Me Encanta La Escuela!

Why Should We Love School? 

Unfortunately there are many kids who drop out of school. When people drop out of school this makes it very hard for them to go to college and to get a job

Our mission is to send a message to kids everywhere about the importance of staying in school and loving it! 

Please add your blog to this discussion forum. Tell us why you love school and what advice you have for other students. The best blog will receive a surprise gift card awarded at the end of March!

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*you should go to school to get a good education

*school is fun if you make it fun by joining whatever you are learning so you wount be bored

*school is very inportant because ones you are looking for a job and you droped out from school your job may be lame


i love scool becuase i get to see my friends and learn new things. school is good because you need to have knowledge to be successful in life so you don't regret not going to school. i went to sanchez elementary school ( best school ever !!! ) and i have seen people who don"t care about education and its sad to think those people don't care about their future. also becuase if we didn't go to school then we wouldn't know how to read or write and then we wouldnt be able to comunicate with people acroos the world , and if we can't comunicate then we can't get things from other countries that we need to survive.i think school is fun because you get to see your friends and you get to talk and you're not bored all the time.and at the end of school you wish it had lasted longer so you could see your friends longer.

School is good for you because you can learn alot of things at school. One thing that you cann do at school is that you can meet new people and even make new friends too. When you are at school you can learn about math, science, social studies, and even english. When im in school i first see all of my friends and give them all hugs and what not. Then at the end of school i see my friends Elliana, Amy, Nick, and even my brother Efren. And even my boyfriend Michael i always like to see him. So that is why i like to go to school. And my advice for you little kids is to stay in school so that you could learn and go to college.
I love school because you can meet new friends. I have met alot of people this year.I have alos learned about science and how to make something explode.I have been in clubs for after school like after school band . You can also be in activities like movie creater or scateboarding and stuff.You should also stay in school becausewhen you get older you will need a job and in order to get a job you need a deploma atleast for a job u want.            

I love school because you can get a job easily and you get a good education

Well school can seem BORING!!! but school is good for your future I dont recoment you to DROP OUT!!! Because I love school because you learned new thing everyday and thas AMAZING!!! if you go to school you can have a better future.And sometimes when I am at school I get bored and teachers get on my nervous but on well I have to deal with it beause I dont want to DROP OUT!!! beacuse I know I am not going to have a good job and a career and not going to have that much MONEY!!! so DO you whant to be that person that doesnt have a good jod and dosent get pay alot of MONEY??? NOOOO!!!!! right because no one likes to have NOOOO MONEY!!! right? so thas one thing to go to school so that you can have a better LIFE!!!! And by the way when you go to look for a job most of the jobs ask you for a high school degree so thas means when you go look for a job they are looking for you to have an EDUCATION!!!! so if you DROP OUT!!! you do not have a education so that means you probably NOT going to have a good job.Just dont give up and do your very BEST!!! everyday.thas my advice to yall!!! soo just LOVE SCHOOL!!!! SCHOOL IS AWSOME!!!! you get to talk to your friends and hang out with them and school is NOT thas boring you can have some FUN!!! at school too. so just enjoy school and love it!! just LIKE!!! ME!!!

People should not drop out of school becouse you have all your freinds with you.And it is inportant because you learn new  things in your school.And if you like sports you can sine up for it and meet new people there.And you have lots of freinds that got your back and other problems.Freinds are always there for you girls.So don't for get that school and freinds are always there for you.

Aveces la escuela les puede parecer ABURRIDA!! pero la verdad esta bien divertida porque puedes hablar con tus amigas y tambien porque aprendes mucho. Y tambien si no fueramos a la escuela, estuvieramos en la casa y no pudrieras hacer nada mas que mirar la television y en la escuela puedes hablar con tus amigas y con tus amigos y sin la escuela nunca aprenderias nada y tambien sin escuela no pudrieras tener la carrera que tanto quieres. Y sin carrera no pudrieras llegar a un futuro y no tener un buen trabajo.Y a la vez, la escuela esta ABURRIDA pero esta bien para tu futuro y tambien esta mejor quedarte en la escuela y seguir tu futuro y nunca darte vencido/a.Y siempre acuerdate sigue tus suenos y quedate en la escuela.

i love school a lot.I think that paople should stay in school becuse it is reeally fun and you can get a good education and with that education you can get the job you alwis wanted to be.A nother resend to stai in school is that if you do not go to shool and you at home some of your frinds are actialy are geting a education and you are chust geting wasting your live with the live you are wastin at home you can actualy be geding a education for a good colleg and a good job and that is why you should come to school and trust me you mayt thing it is boring but wen you are coming to school you will like it it will be so fun thank for reading my stori of why to stay in school.

a mi me gusta la escuela porque aprendemos muchas cosas diferentes. si no fueramos a la escuela no tubieramos un buen trabajo y estubieramos viviendo con nuestros papas toda la vida. mi favorita memoria que tengo en la escuela es matematicas porque a mi me gusta mucho estudiar muchos problemas como divisiones, multiplicasiones, restas y sumas.otra memoria que tengo es que en la escuela es que conosco a muchas personas tambien podemos hablar con tus amigos de differentes cosas.en el mundo la escuela es muy inportante para todos para agarar una buena esuela nunca se me hace aburida porque a mi me gusta mucho nos salieramos da la escuela siempre estuvieramos en la casa sentados y viendo la tele que es muy aburido verla.todos tenemos que ir a la escuela para ir a la universidad. la universidad es muy inportante para todos porque ai tenemos que hacer nuestro mejor esfuerzo.

i love school u should love school to because u meet new friends and learn new things in your classes. I take band its really fun but thats my only thing i have because im in read180 class its very boring and the teachers get on your nurves .But itz really cool if u be nice to the teachers. How i met my friends was i  said Hi or wats up and they smile and say hi back .And then we talk thats how i make friends well to me i think people should not drop out of school u have nothing to do and u wont have a job well a good job that pays good many or a job you enjoy.I hope yall people that read this never drop out and not myself beacause if u want a job that pays good money and a job u want you have to graduate from school and then u can work.Bye people of latinitas:) PS : // i <3 latinitas= forever And also u should respect your teachers not argue back at them or argue with your friends cause it will lead to fist fighting and do not talk about other people then maybe they will say something worse and hurt your feelings so treat people the way u want to be treated  and follow the rules and respect you mom and dad or guardian bye
Thank you ladies for your blog submissions! Latinitas will announce the winner of the Blog contest on Friday, April 1st !!!

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