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I recently read this article about tanning.  The long and short of it all is that young women are tanning for a beauty ideal created by someone a long time ago.  And they're paying for it with their lives risking cancer.  What do you think?

Check it out:

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No, it is not! I believe it is difficult for those who are addicted to tanning to see the consequences. They can only see the immediate result. They are ignorant to the worst side effect, cancer, that will require surgery, chemo, and radiation to remove the tumor. 

I personally don't think it's worth risking your life but at the same time, I've never needed to tan. As a latina, I'm naturally tan so there is really no need for me to try and lay in the sun. As a woman, though, I do understand the pressures society places on idealistic beauty so I could only imagine what it might feel like to want to look tan if that's what is considered to be a standard of beauty. I think this is just more of an issue of self-esteem and a motivation to help empower other women towards appreciating their worth!

I personally think that it is worthless to die for getting a tan. I do understand that some girls are pressured to get a tan to fit into the society, and to fit the idea beauty. But, it shouldn't be to a point when you have to risk your health. Personally, I do not like tans, because I do not need it, and I rather be a little white, than darker. Yet, I feel that every woman hates something about her body, I haven't met any woman that have said "I love my body," maybe it is a self esteem issue, or just something normal for many of us; yet many of them just decided to ignore that part of their body that  hate, or they decided to work in that part of their body. I think that those women and girls who like to get a tan should get inform on the dangers of getting a tan or how it can consume their lives. As a whole, every woman should be happy with the color of their skin; that should be the least of their worries. I know I said that I would like that I wish that my skin would be a little whiter, but at the end I say to myself that God made me this way, and the color of my skin is as beautiful as any other woman.

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