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Nowadays many celebs have endorsed "purity rings". That is to say that they have vowed themselves till marriage to have sex. Sounds good to me, but it makes the celebs sound perfect! When really they are just humans with a name. And money. And fame, And paparazzi. Still, yet, humans who can make a mistake.
Celebs like the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato endorse the "purity ring" campaign. Are they being serious? Or are they just putting a name for themselves to be good kids. Or are they simply looking out for the best of man kid-kind by letting them know they can look up to their celeb idols because they are setting a good example?

Hmm...this one is tough. I'm not sure which to choose. I want to stay optimistic and say they ARE, just for the sake of the screaming adoring fans who look up to them more than their parents..

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Who knows if they really mean it. It may just be a marketing strategy to make them look like good kids, but I still think it is refreshing. In contrast, we've seen several former Disney stars get a bad rep or get in trouble. We've heard too much about crazy partying, drugs, drinking and run-ins with the law with Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan. Vanessa Hudgens has had a nude picture scandal and Miley Cyrus has taken photos with just a sheet covering her. It is good to see some young celebrities who are trying to be role models and practicing good morals. I hope they continue to be positive influences on the fans.
The media can send many mixed messages. For one thing, they portray stars as the most fabulous and attractive young people. Thus many young ladies and gentlemen think that this is the only way to live. The media is a corruptive industry. It causes many problems to youth. Many of the media is also propaganda that reaches you when you don't even know it. It's the portrayal of our favorite stars that lead us to believe in many things. Why do we let the media be such an influence?
The purity ring scandal seems to me to be just for show. Managers backing their clients and trying to protect them from ending up tabloids' dreams-come-true.
I hope it's real, because there are a ton of kids watching them and mimicking their every move.
Vanessa Hudgens' two scandals have made her a terrible role model for kids and such a shame too, because she's from the newer class of this generation's version of mouseketeers.
the purity ring is a smart move, but one never knows what's real when it comes to celebrities.
I think Lesly and Denisse do argue some good points. To answer your question Lesly, why do we let the media be such an influence? The media is made up by us and it definitely shows where our values and our priorities are. Us, as a community, need to be more aware of what we choose to watch or what magazines buy because our support is giving media a stronger power. And you are right, WE DO let media be this great influence over us, but never question whether it's right or wrong.

Denisse, I completely argee with the idea that managers are behind this. I think the are giving their clients "a good name" simply because of how media can exaggerate and promote such misbehavior. And I do agree about Vanessa Hudgens, I am quite ashamed that this very beautiful young lady, having learned her lesson before, became even more scandulous.
It is a good change to see young celebrities trying to set good examples for thier adoring fans. In the past that hasn't always been the case. Most think they are like God and are untouchable. It could be all a scam to get on everyones good side, but the fact that thier image is still clean and they are telling kids its a good thing to stay pure is an awesome thing they are doing. As long as they keep it up (as far as everyone knows) i think it's a good cause.
I don't buy it. I think it is just a publicity stunt. They are just trying to look like they are perfect for all the fans.
I recently saw a show and two of the teen girls had purity rings, often times i see the link between religious beliefs and these rings. I also have noticed that family and parental influence is often the majority rule. I really think purity should be individually based and really can be over rated at times.(like with stars and famous people)
I think you can't really say what they're motives are.
This could be a trend because one person stepped out and said what they're personal beliefs are and others felt comfortable enough to share what they believe also.
The opposite corner is what many others have commented, its just for show. However, in a current society filled with images of the hook-up culture, purity rings don't seem like the most popular market strategy.
Whatever the case is, I agree that it is a good example for their teen fans. Personally, it is a choice I have also made.
It takes a lot to step out and share your beliefs, so I admire their efforts to be different.

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