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Share scholarship opportunities or good resources for finding scholarships here. 

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As someone who has benefited from the very generous scholarships of a private university, I want to share tips on how to get a very valuable (and very expensive) education, free of charge. It is great to be paid to go to an amazing school!

I think that many of us often feel discouraged toward applying to private institutions-the price tags are certainly daunting.My college, Swarthmore, ends up costing 60k a year for those who pay in full.

But who pays in full? Certainly not this girl. Swarthmore, and other such private liberal arts institutions, have amazingly generous financial aid. This aid works on a "need-blind" basis, meaning that your college application is read without consideration of financial need. Your financial documents go directly to the aid office. If the college accepts you based on your merit, the financial aid office is committed to making it possible for you to attend. This is how I pay only a nominal fraction of the fees, making Swarthmore cheaper than attending my state school. I have friends here who do not pay a single penny, and are even given aid for plane flights to and from the university. That being said, I also have wealthy friends who pay in full, because their families can afford to without stressing the family savings.It all balances out.

I really appreciate this system of aid. It is based on need so that those who can pay, do, and those who cant, don't. Swarthmore is an expensive school and the resources available to us l reflect that cost. I have tiny classes, brilliant professors, amazing guest lecturers and performers, and awesome support (not to mention travel stipends, great clubs, art galleries, awesome libraries...the list goes on). All of this at no significant cost to my family.

I encourage everyone to look at the aid opportunities from private liberal arts colleges.Yes, entrance is very competitive, but once you are in, you are set for the next four years. And with the education received and contacts made, you are set for life. I am so lucky to receive a top education from a highly ranked school at such a low price. 

The take away is: don't be intimidated by price! Send messages to the aid offices of places that interest you. They can provide you with projections of financial obligation. It can never hurt to ask.

Here are some helpful tips for getting/winning a scholarship that I found online!

In my opinion, the most important thing you can do is start early! 

Good luck! 

I think it's definitely important to apply to any scholarship you find. When I was a sophomore in high school, the guy who graduated as valedictorian was given a ridiculous amount of money in scholarships because he was never daunted by any of the requirements. Even if you think you don't fit the criteria of a particular scholarship, apply for it anyway! The guy I previously mentioned was a Hispanic male, but he applied for scholarships that were targeted to African-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc. and he was even granted some of those scholarships. It's just important to try! Like Diana said, it's also VERY important that you start EARLY!

I know several scholarships that are open right now

1. Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation

2. Elks National Scholarship

3. Gates Millenium Scholarship

4. is always a good resource

5. Also local community scholarships or the fast food chains tend to have scholarships (ie McDonalds, Burger King, etc)

The Dell Scholarship ( is probably the main reason why I was able to afford college. They are an amazing organization that is more than just a check. Sure, $20,000 ($5,000 a year) is an incredible gift, but they also offer so much guidance and online resources. They truly try to make sure that your years in college are successful. I DEFINITELY encourage all HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS to apply.

Questbridge is a GREAT scholarship program focused on helping high-achieving, low-income students to get full-scholarships to partner colleges with Questbridge, which includes great schools like Princeton, Yale, Brown, USC, Swarthmore, Rice, Northwestern, Stanford, and many more!! 

This is the Quesbridge website for more info:

Here is a link to a list of partner colleges Questbridge works with:

I am a Questbridge Scholar, so if you have any questions about the scholarship, please feel free to ask me!!! :) - this is an Austin based scholarship, but provides high school and college students with funding. Check it out!

Adelante! Fund Ford Motor Company/Future Leaders Scholarship 
Application Deadlines: 
The ¡Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund is a leadership development, non-profit organization dedicated to Hispanic college students. Our Mission is to inspire the best and brightest Latino students to graduate and lead through scholarships, internships, and leadership training.

Eligible majors:
-All science majors
-All engineering majors
-Computer science!scholarships/cee5

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