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Okay so... I'm taking a poll for my first article that i am going to write and it's about music. so just tell me what your favorite type of music is that you like and you will be included in my poll. :D Thank you and Wish me Luck!!

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I like all music but techno, but I do tolerate it. Specially anything that can be danced or singed, and if its classic then just for relaxing.
I like most types of music. But I must say, I love oldies music. They just don't make music the way they used to. The lyrics and the compositions were often simpler, which isn't always better, but sometimes it's refreshing. I love classic rock and 60s R&B the most. I think because my dad was always listening to that when I was growing up. So now motown songs remind me of hanging out with my dad, which I'm sure is one of the reasons that I love it!
well good luck. my favorite type of music is rock, metal, punk, emo, country, alternative, stuff like that.
all things but i like rock the most
First I want to say "CONGRATS" on your first article! I hope you're having fun with it:)
I absolutely love R&B, Country (Brad Paisley and George Strait are the best), and soft rock.

Good Luck, Amber!


I love PeeWee. He is so talented and super cute!!! His new solo album since he left Kumbia Kings comes out August 11, 2009!! I can't wait!!!
Hi Amber!
I'm a music junkie; I'll listen to anything. But above all my adored rockstars are THE BEATLES. I worship them to an unhealthy level but, hell, do they rock. I'm really weird, though, like my music tastes are ALL over the spectrum. I love Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley (shout-out to Rosemarie Montez; I saw she likes him too), Lady Antebellum, Jon McLauglin, David Cook, Michael Johns, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, The All-
American Rejects, absolutely ADORE Maroon 5, Nickelback, Green Day, T.I., Beyonce, Drake Bell, Click 5 (anything with 5, apparently), Avril Lavigne (LOVE her), Aretha Franklin, Sting and The Police, OK Go, 3OH!3, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, Juanes (who I am in love with), Natasha Bedingfield, Teddy Geiger, James Blunt, Jason Mraz, Oreja De Van Gogh, Dave Barnes, John Mayer, Carly Smithson, Gavin DeGraw, 5a Estacion (there's the 5 again), JoJo, The Rolling Stones, The Searchers, Roy Orbison--I love oldies too. So you see, I'm kind of all over the place. But there's just so much good stuff out there! Hey--GOOD LUCK on your article. Welcome to our crazy world! Hope you like it and hope to see much more of you. :) ~~Lennon McCartney~~
First of all, good luck amber!!! I'm sure you will rock it.

and personally, i am a very eclectic girl. I love music in general. Not too fond of heavy heavy rock because it just sounds like noise to me and i can't understand the lyrics. and i always listen to the lyrics of a song. I do love underground mixtapes, rap, a lot. and hip hop is always fun to dance to. But i think indie rock is my favorite, more of that funk, bluesy kinda feel. Oh and I need not forget the basis of music, which is rhythm and blues. Especially Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. =) Then again there are a lot of new artists that are amazing. But my very very very very favorite is INCUBUS!!!!

I hope that helped a little bit.

and good luck once again...
My favorite music is country =) but I also like all the other types of music except for the heavy metal/screamo music lol
Can I pick more than one? Haha, Bachata is definately my favorite although lately I have been listening to a lot of La Oreja De Van Gogh, whatever genre you would put that in- rock i guess? Also, i love Salsa and Punta pretty much equally.. So i guess those are my favorites however i do listen to pretty much anything except techno and like hardcore rap.. I like hip-hop, rap that isnt like "ima kill u in the face" and angry lol, i like R&B, I like Rock in english and en espanol, i like country, i like alt. rock, i like indie, folk, i like old music i like new music, i have music on my ipod that my husband is like "how do you listen to that, my grandmother calls it oldies" lmao.. like i said i like pretty much anything. My favorites though are Bachata and Rock en espanol atm.

For the moment, trance music is my favorite. Being open minded allowed me to discover this genre and I am now addicted! Trance is chill, relaxing music, tempo beats in the 100s, melodic tunes, and flowy transitions. Some claim it is so relaxing and uplifting some claim they experience a trance like feeling. The genre was greatly influenced by electronic music and in 1990 became discovered and to this day is stil in demand. Artists like Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto have played and continue to play trance on shows and included on their albums.

I like light music!

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