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Hi Julia!

I wanted to see how the development of your first entry of your fashion blog was going.  I would recommend exploring other blogs to see how to make your blog visually interesting.  We can plan out a photoshoot for the next meeting if you'd like.

Blogueras, feel free to post any tips, advice or leads for Julia's fashion blog here!

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Hey Julia,

I'm excited to see what you have to say about fashion! I am not one that follows much of it but I can definitely learn something new from you!

I found the following you tube video that a young girl created that you should see:

Notice that she is comfortable in the video and makes good points about the trends she likes. She also shows you some examples. If you would create a video, however, it we could make it way better by making more action in the film. We can shoot different styles and add photographs so it will not get boring!

I also suggest that you start looking at the way some of your favorite fashion magazines write articles. Look at the writing and see how you can mimic that slightly with your topic "layers of fashion." Start writing some of the things you enjoy about the fashion as if you are describing it to someone like me who doesn't really know what's going on in the fashion industry. Btw, I'm still pretty trendy :P

Let us know of any questions you have!


Julia, just wanted to say you did a great job with your first blog post. The visuals were great. You laid them out first and then modeled them. A step further would be to include links to these pieces where people can buy them and if they're expensive how they can find similar pieces at a lower price.

To take this a step further (or maybe your next article), you could build on this to include say 5-10 accessories that can go for any outfit. It can be hard to try to buy a new accessory for every outfit so maybe something along the lines of 5 accessories that will last through time or something like that. 

Awesome job!





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