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MyLatinitas Community Rules

MyLatinitas is the online community by and for Latina teens. Latinitas' mission is to empower Latina youth through media and technology. Our online community is available to all girls 13 years and older.

Here are a few rules that can help keep MyLatinitas a fun, safe and empowering place for young Latinas. Posts that violate these rules may be deleted from MyLatinitas. Members who violate these rules may be banned from the community. Please report any negative behavior at

Latinitas is a girls-only networking site. Therefore, membership is limited to females only. Males may view our blogs, forums, photos, and more at:

To participate in MyLatinitas, girls must be 13 years of age or older.

Latinitas is a safe place to have conversations with other Latinitas and read or post your own blogs, videos, discussions and photos. No cyber bullying, stalking, or harassing of any kind. Please respect other Latinitas by not posting mean or offensive comments. Remember that others may not always agree with you, and we all deserve to voice our opinions.

Latinitas respects people from all faces and places. Please do not post any hate speech regarding: race, color, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or age. Latinitas is about embracing our differences.

Latinitas promotes safe, legal activities. Please do not post anything that may include inappropriate content such as pornography, racism, violence, or anything that can be hateful. In order to keep the MyLatinitas a positive community, these posts will be deleted.

Latinitas is a site for all ages. Therefore, no posts can include profanity or the allusion of profanity. Remember that language is a forceful tool, and we want to keep it clean.

Latinitas is dedicated to protecting everyone’s privacy. So please respect other’s privacy and your own. Do not post personal information such as phone numbers, street addresses, passwords, school information or other information that could lead to loss of privacy or identity. We encourage members to use only their first name or a nickname as their username for MyLatinitas. Please sign on under your member name only. Imitating other members is a violation of their identity.

Latinitas is a place to express yourself, so only post original material. Only claim what is your own work. When using work from someone else, use quotations or add the original source. We want to hear what YOU have to say.

Latinitas does not promote illegal or dangerous activities. Please do not post any spam (“chain letters” or advertisements of illegal products or activities). Help keep the community what it was created for: a way for Latina youth to have a strong voice.

If you see anything that seems inappropriate or harmful, please let us know. It’s possible that we didn’t pick up on it, and we would appreciate your help. To alert us to anything, please email us a description of the post and the name of the person posting to

Stay safe online and read these net safety tips.




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