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Good work Latinas

So I am currently taking a Chicano/Chicana class and what we were talking about yesterday I thought it was a good class conversation. 

It all started on how the rights of men and women are so different, a few years back, and how today we still see some discrimination on the women, just because we are women. Society has classified us as "weak", and that is how some jobs see us as..."weak".

That was not his point tho, his point was, if that is why men do not graduate from…


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"American Dream"

So as a student I am part of an organization at UTEP; and during this week, we got together, and with the help of KCOS we were able to ask the people in UTEP what their American Dream is. 

For example, yes there are people around the world that want to come to the U.S. because they will have a better chance, and they are able to have the "American Dream" which for some is be a student, since the U.S. supposedly has a good education, they try to come here and get a taste of themselves,…


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Hear this cover, te pone la piel chinita!

Hi girls! I have just read this short article at PlayGround about Cristina Quinones, a 21 year old Latina who is "giving Adele a run for her money", according to the article's title.

She was born in Atlanta Georgia and started her career at 12 years old. Girls, she has done over 900 shows with important companies such as Telemundo and Univision! Among her important events, she has performed at Latin American countries such as Dominican Republic and has even sang the National Anthem for…


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If you were the President of The United States, what would your immigrant policy look like?

Hi Latinas! Today's blog is based on a simple yet difficult question: If you were the president of The United States, what would your immigrant policy look like?

I interviewed a couple of Latinas over this issue girls, let's read their responses!

"First of all, if I were the president of the United States I would take away that horrendous brown wall on the border once for all, it is not even finished and I simply don't like it, I think it's gross. Also, I understand there are a… Continue

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New(er) Beginnings

I have recently taken a huge step in my life, a step my 15 year old self would have never imagined my 18 year old self doing. I've gotten a huge opportunity to work in the field I love, talking to others, taking charge of my life, and I love it. I'm officially an adult(ier) version of myself, Andrea 2.0.

Sometimes though, I can't help but sit back and reflect on how my life was one year ago when I wasn't overwhelmed with phone calls, emails, assignments, etc. When life was relatively…


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Introduction to Me

Hello, my name is Rebecca Portillo and I am a marketing major here at UTEP.I chose this major because consumer behavior intrigues me and I like the creativity and critical thinking involved in this field. By the end of this semester, I will be a senior. I have lived in El Paso all of my life but I would like to travel more. In my spare time, I like to go to concerts (usually at the Lowbrow or Tricky Falls). Right now my favorite song is “Seasons (Waiting on You)” by Future Islands. I…


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& I still get nervous

So most of the time I have out and about doing interviews, for school. I have been doing this for maybe 2 years now, I am a senior at the University of Texas at El Paso, I have interviewed people in Juarez, which that means in Spanish, I have interviewed people from L.A. who have been here for certain events, as well as people from different Church's, and even kids. Let's not forget our Military as well.

So indeed I can say I have interviewed different types of people, but for…


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So this past weekend I was able to attend the Kidspalooza for the first time. I had never even heard of this event that was for kids. As I get there, I noticed it was something big, they closed down some streets, and they had booths for kids and parents, rides, and food.

My first impression was how neat it was. I had always thought of only events for adults, such as concerts, block parties, etc. The only time I thought El Paso had family events was for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and…


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Being attacked between two cultures

I have just finished to read an article from NBC News talking about the life of Kristian Ramos, a Mexican-American who had suffered from prejudices before he even was born, as he claims at this article. 

"From a young age some family members called me a coconut, brown on the outside, white on the inside due to my lack of skill in speaking Spanish. In school my non-Latino friends called me beaner or wetback. Despite my protests, my friends persisted; they felt their words were… Continue

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Dogs, mandalas and SpongeBob at the center of El Paso!

Hi Latinas! Guess who did the most amazing drawings last Saturday at the Farmer's market? You did chicas! Latinitas had hosted a little place inside the Farmer's Market located at the Union Plaza to offer the free art activity. 

Colors, crayons, construction paper and also white paper was available at our table. We stood there along with the event of kids pallooza to…


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Journalism as a lifestyle, NAHJ conference event.

From time to time it happens to me that I can't be happier with what I am experiencing right now girls. This happened to me while I was watching Dead Poet's Society movie and it happened to me again last Saturday at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists conferences. 

At the beginning, I felt quite nervous because I got there earlier and it was almost empty! Only the members of the conferences were talking inside the conference room and a few people were outside at the reception.… Continue

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Stay Teen Workshop

During the workshop Stay Teen, some of our Latinitas wrote an essay about teen pregnancy. Here's what they had to share.

Why are teen pregnancies a problem?

High School can be tough. Fitting in, relating, having common experiences, it all becomes very complicated to the individual. Sex is being talked about and peers start to openly express their…


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Who I want to be like

This morning as I am helping my grandmother, she was watching Univision, is a Spanish channel, here in the U.S. and it is basically for Latinos, early in the morning they broadcast a show called Despierta America, I'll try to watch it here and there, they show news, from political to incidents that the world is going through, as well as the gossip, not only from the Latinos…


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Here's some advice!

   Young Latinitas gave some advice on issues that may affect all of us at one time to another. We have all dealt with anxiety, bullying or being shy on certain occasions and even senioritis once that final year of high school arrives. We get it....we've all been there, and these girls are here to give some advice on some of these issues. Here's what you can do if you ever find yourself in these situations.



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Turning 18

I remember when I first turned 18..that was a big number, because you are not considered a teenager anymore, instead you start taking adult responsibilities. Some things are not actual responsibility, but we consider them, because they seem important for us, such as giving time to others, which it is important, but not as important as other things. An example would be voting. And yes maybe you have heard about it through out the years on how important it is to vote, and what not. 



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Podrán matar al árbol, pero no a la primaveral!

"The army has an assassination list of 18 wanted human rights fighters with my name at the top. I want to live, there are many things I still want to do in this world but I have never once considered giving up fighting for our territory, for a life with dignity, because our fight is legitimate. I take lots of care but in the end, in this country where there is total impunity I am vulnerable... When they want to kill me, they will do it.", said Berta Cáceres to Al Jazeera, a television network… Continue

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Elsa Carrillo, inspiration to all Mexican dancers!

"Dance is my life, it is my air. It is the set of all my passions, happinesses, joys, sadnesses. It is the most special and magic moment that I have in my life. It is the moment when I can let out all my feelings and where I can express who I am."  -Elsa Carrillo

Hi girls! Does anyone of you dance? Or more specifically, practice ballet? I just found this video presenting Elsa Carrillo, the first Mexican ballerina in the Company of Ballet in Germany. This is awesome girls! She is not… Continue

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Kylie a Latina? We may not think so.

Yesterday, I heard on the radio the big polemic in social media: A photo posted by Kylie Jenner wearing a shirt of Selena.

Big scandal was Kylie received a lot of negative comments on her photo posted at Instagram. Apparently, Latino community doesn't appreciate a born US citizen who wears a shirt showing one of the most prominent talents of Latinas. 

"You aren't a real Latina why do you embrace that?", "Selena was a true human being and artist, something that Kylie will never be",… Continue

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Lets get organized!

The girls from out Latinitas after school clubs learned about being more organized, the benefits it gives and shared some tips on how to do this.

With an agenda by your side where you can keep…


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Stay Teen Leadership Training

This past Saturday I attended the Stay Teen Leadership Training along with some of my Latinitas partners. The training was help at one of our local YWCA locations and invited high school girls from…


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