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September 2016 Blog Posts (14)

Scholarship Search Websites

Have you gotten a chance to read our article about scholarship opportunities? If not, you can check it out here:

Scholarship Opportunities: It’s a Latina’s game

In sum, our article talks about ways to pay for college which at times can seem pretty…


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Maria Mercedes Coroy: Actress of Ixcanul and Activist for Indigenous Rights

Last year, director Jayro Bustamante’s film Ixcanul premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. Critics and audiences alike praised the film’s incredible story about a young, Mayan girl from Guatemala. The film focuses on the main character, Maria, as she comes of age in a society that perpetuates sexism and racism against Mayan women.  

The lead of the film is played by María Mercedes Coroy, an extraordinary actor and activist…


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Big Oppurtunity

HI all of you guess what have you heard of the Latinitas in film Festival? I was a moderater i met all 4 panelists Co owner of trouble maker studios Elizabeth Avellan, then Sharon Arteaga making a movie called Plane pretend, Chelsea Hernadnez a documentrey filmaker making building a american dream and Sandy Avila starred in Lying game and American crime. Then i asked them questions after we did trivia and Games. It was a big oppurtuniy thank youuuuuuu.

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Scholarships for Latinas

As Senior year comes around so does the search of scholarships in order to go to college. There many scholarships out there to make it easier for us to go to college though there are some of which are specifically for Latina women. Some of these scholarships include:

  • Lubbock hispanic association of women
  • Sallie Mae first in my family scholarship program
  • Congressional hispanic Caucus,institute, inc
  • Adelante fund scholarship
  • McDonald's…

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Melissa Villaseñor: First Latina SNL Cast Member

After being on the air for 41 years, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has hired its first Latina cast member, Melissa Villaseñor.


Melissa is originally from Whittier, CA and has been in the comedy business for a while. In an interview with the Daily Dot, Melissa spoke about discovering her love of impressions when she was 15 years old. After performing in a high school talent show, Melissa…


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Looking for a Scholarship! We got you cover!



As this school year begins it is also that time when highs school students that are graduating and who are looking into going to college start to look for scholarship opportunities but not many know there are many scholarships that are given to Hispanics/ Latinos. There are also some scholarships that the El Paso Community Foundation offers to students that they apply through there High Schools. Below are some links were you can find some…


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I am a person who has a routine set for everything I do during the week, Monday through Friday is carefully planned out, from when I have meetings, to when I set aside time for homework and reading, to how many minutes I get to spend watching Netflix.  Sunday is usually the day I get to spend reading for classes, and doing my homework for Creative Writing for the whole week.

This schedule was interrupted because of my impromptu road trip to Austin this weekend to support my school,…


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Te vamos a extrañar Juanga!

Sad news about this month is we have said goodbye to one of the most outstanding singers of Mexico chicas. Juan Gabriel represents not only Mexican culture but Latin American culture. His songs and trajectory as a Mexican artist have made him Hijo Prodigo de Ciudad Juarez.

This tragic event happened few hours before Juanga was appointed to perform at the Don Haskins Center. There were families who heard about the rumor and didn't believe it until concert was cancelled and… Continue

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Financial Aid and Scholarships for College

Hola chicas!

For many seniors in high school, the college application process has already started. And from experience, I know it can be a bit overwhelming.

Thus, I have decided to write a post today dedicated to the financial aid and scholarship application…


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“Her accent is a stubborn compass/ Always pointing her towards home”

Growing up, I was always nervous of speaking in class because I was afraid someone would make fun of my accent. I would avoid eye contact whenever a teacher would be looking for someone to read the next passage. Of course, this only led to the teacher calling on me to read. I never quite understood why teachers did this. I suppose it’s because they think it will help shy students speak more in class. Well, let me tell you,…


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Que Viva La Reina del Tex-Mex

On Tuesday, 300 fans gathered in front of Los Angeles’ Madame Tussaud for the unveiling of Selena Quintanilla’s wax figure. People from all over the country flew in to see the beloved Tejana artist. Not surprisingly, being that Selena was from Corpus Cristi, many of the guests in attendance were from Texas. Additionally, many of the fans in attendance spoke about how Selena’s wax figure also paid tribute to the incredible contributions Selena made to…


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Latinas Blogging

Blogging is a wonderful way to share your story, your experiences, and your opinions. While some may say that blogging promotes self-centeredness, I would argue that in many cases blogging does quite the opposite.

Yes, in a blog you are sharing your perspective but that doesn’t mean that your sentiments are…


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Make this summer the best

During our summer camps the girls had the opportunity to give some suggestions on how to make this summer a great one 

Jayden:" I would suggest to go to the beach i have heard that they give surfing classes for free"

Unknown: " My suggestion are to go swimming, play xbox, go with your dogs to the park, travel and go to the mall"

Karen: " Yo lo que aria si estoy aburrida es ir a caminar y dibujar"

Adriana: " To make summer a best one…


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How latinitas inspired me

During our summer camps the girls wrote down ways continue to inspired them and help them lead the way: 

Paulina; " I got inspired by learning that in order to be a good leader i also have to think about myself and that only i can make my dreams happen"

Karla: " How to control my stress and some tips on stress situations" 

           " They helped me lead by showing me the meaning of leadership and how to show leadership to others"

Fernanda: "I was…


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