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Follow Your Heart

As a future Latina hero, what would you like to be known for?

I want to be known as a woman who was not afraid to follow her dreams no matter how outlandish they may seem.

I have been through an incredible journey in the past years of my life. I have learned a lot about life, who I am , and what I want to accomplish . As I have travelled down this never ending learning experience, I have realized that one of the most important…


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Time does not stop for anyone

As I am getting older and becoming more and more busy with school, work and many other commitments I have noticed a new phenomenon occurring in my life; time is passing me by at an accelerating rate. Of course, I know that time has not literally began to accelerate at a faster rate, but it sure seems like it. When I was in high school, I was so anxious to graduate and begin college. I felt that once in college, I would feel free and inspired. I was right, college was liberating and…


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Appreciating classic Films

I will never forget one teacher in specific, in high school, who taught me the value and beauty of classic films. Prior to that, I had never really cared too much for classic films until during my senior year when I took class that was dedicated to educating us on classic films and music. Our teacher was very fond of classic films so he showed us some of the best classic films including, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Vertigo, Rear Window and many more. After that I was in love with classic…


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Truly being comfortable in your own skin

It wasn't until recently, that it was brought to my attention that I am not as light skinned as I thought I was. In fact it was a life changing moment in which I became aware of how internally colonized I truly was. I felt awful for denying my own skin, in my mind, and at first felt embarrassed until I realized that  although it is partially my fault, I must also acknowledge that this is a product of what society has put upon me. I began to ponder on the scenario I found myself in and…


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The pros and cons of a tight-knit family

Growing up, I have always had a very close and tight-knit family, especially from my moms side. I personally have loved the fact that my family is close, and in many ways it has contributed to the person I am now. One of the biggest benefits of  having a tight-knit family is the fact that any hardship you face in life you know you're not going to face it alone. However, as I have grown older, I have noticed that one of the cons of a close family is that when it comes time to leave the nest…


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Keeping an open mind to helping others

Lately, I find myself on this journey to pursue a higher education and therefore hopefully land a good paying job with benefits. I think of how achieving such a status in life would equal success to me. I have had issues along the road where I think to myself, I can't possibly go any further. However, I always remind myself of the reasons why I cannot give up. Throughout this journey of self improvement though, I keep thinking to myself something in my plans for the future is lacking. It has…


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Dear Editor....

Dear Editor,

I can see how times have changed and in a world so obsessed with perfection, you too, feel the pressure to perfect the imperfect. However, what I think you are you failing to realize is that your choices of perfecting that, that is not perfect by nature is affecting your admirers, your readers. You must keep in mind that humans are susceptible to believing what they see, unfortunately they are believing the man made perfection you have created. This is dangerous,…


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Over Spending, Over Splurging!

When I was a freshmen in college, I realized I had the ability of acquiring credit cards. When I got my first credit card I was thrilled, in fact I went crazy with it. I had been cautioned about never missing a payment, so I always made sure to make my payments on time. However, the more credit cards I would get, the more debt I would rack up. The thing is when you're having fun spending and splurging, you surely forget about interest rates and payments. I had fun spending but it was no fun…


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Publishing a novel...

One of my dreams has always been to one day publish a novel. The older I get, sometimes the more discouraged I get, especially when I read amazing novels, and think to myself is my writing compatible to this? However, what I always try to keep in mind is this, each writer has there own unique perspective and see's life through a one of a kind paradigm. Also there are many approaches to writing including various narrative techniques. So although it is intimidating and scary.... I should keep…


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The Importance of Feminisim

Being a feminist to me does not mean having to evade femininity. In fact I believe that being a feminist means adopting a new femininity, one that you as an individual choose for yourself, rather than one that society chooses for you. I believe that feminism plays an important role in changing the patriarchal structure and society in which we live in.

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Being a woman is not for the faint of heart!

Being a woman is hard. Not only are we subject to sexual objectification from our male counterparts, but we also live in a patriarchal society where men try to deter women from achieving success in the world of academia, in their careers, even in their own homes. However, this is an exciting time to be a woman, because the fight is on, and we are taking back gender roles and setting up our OWN, new femininity. Being a woman is not for the faint of heart, in fact it requires a loving yet…


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Why I admire Ellen Ochoa!

Dr. Ellen Ochoa is the Director of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and is an astronaut for NASA. She graduated with her masters and doctorates degrees from Stanford University. She has also received numerous awards from NASA such as,NASA's Exceptional Service Medal (1997), Outstanding Leadership Medal (1995) and Space Flight Medals (2002, 1999, 1994, 1993). I admire her because she was the first Hispanic female astronaut to work for…


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Women and Science

I wish I could have been a genius when it comes to math so that I could have pursued a degree in Engineering or Geology. I would have loved to be able to work for NASA. However, I am by nature more naturally inclined to the more linguistic form and intelligence and cannot deny the writer inside me. As I grow older though I see and appreciate science and math more and more. As a child science always fascinated me but I was deterred by the math. Now looking back I wish I had looked for more…


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One of my philosophies....

I personally believe, that how we see life, and what attitude we have towards every day events, is ultimately what we will get out of life.

Conversely, I am aware of those certain situations that can be seen as nothing more than what they really are. However, although we are imperfect creatures in an imperfect world, I do believe we can make daily efforts to improve, not only…


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I am truly blessed to have my best friend

They say that after high school you lose a lot of your friends and those who remain your friends are your true friends. I think this saying is true, I feel very grateful to have had been blessed with the best friend that I have. She has literally been there with me through some of the most painful experiences in my life. I appreciate her loyalty as a friend even when I myself, was lost. I feel like she brings out another side of me that most people don't get to…


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Confessions we will take to the grave

I read an article online about a public art project by American artist Candy Chang, that took place in Las Vegas. This art projected invited people to anonymously write a confession and then it would be displayed along with hundreds of others confessions on the Vegas strip. I read some of the confessions that were displayed and found some of them to be very similar to some things I myself, hold deep within me. This lead me to wonder how many other people hold these confessions deep within…


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Are women prisoners of their own bodies?

Women's bodies are beautiful, they are all unique and can perform one of the most amazing miracles known to mankind: birth. However, as I am getting older and noticing how society plays its role around me,I have began to see the women's body as a stigma. I call it stigma because due to the fact that a woman, because of the body she has, is oppressed in many ways by the other gender in society, men. We have no choice at the moment of conception to choose what gender we want to be born as, it…


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Betrayal or Being your Own Person? When you leave the religion you grew up in

I was brought up in a certain faith, that my mother and father had been brought up in as well. Although my father no longer practiced the religion, my mother did, and as a result I practiced it too at a young age. I must state that in no means do I judge or condemn those who are still followers or practice the religion they were born into. However, as a child I had many questions and constantly asked my mother why certain things were done they way they were done. She always told me that some…


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Love explained by Science

Love, is an interesting and touchy subject. With Valentines Day around the corner I could not help but read an article called, 10 Things You May Not Know About Love on What I read was surprising yet to an extent confirmed some of suspicions. It was refreshing yet disconcerting and left me even more perplexed on the subject than before. However, as a writer I always find my self analyzing life and not accepting what i am…


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A Smile Can Make a Difference

I'm usually a shy person and because of this I can seem to have a rather reserved demeanor. Lately, I have been working on being more friendly and smiling more. What I have discovered is that smiling can have a lot pf positive effects. By smiling randomly at random people I have met many new and very amazing people. Not only is meeting new people one of the effects that I have gotten for smiling at people but it makes the day a more positive one.

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