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Dioxins: a dangerous little pollutant

So plastic has been found to be quite dangerous. When plastic is heated up it realeases Dioxin which is a chemical pollutant. Dioxin is also what is realeased after volcanic erruptions and forrest fires. This stuff isnt anything you want in your body. It can cause cancer and reproductive problems. So how to avoid it? Well try switching from plastic tupperware to glass tupperware. Also don't drink from any water bottle you have left in your car during summer time. And lastly try to let your…


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National Dance day! aka July 30th :)

So last year I missed national dance day, to be quite honest I didnt even know there was a national dance day! This year though i have a plan :) one of my favorite tv shows "so you think you can dance" is going to be posting choreography on their website. I want to learn the dances and hopefully get a group together that is willng to break out in a *flash mob at La Placita downtown. The more people the better and no dance experience necessary :) nobody here is a professional dancer, but…


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A bit of forensics history

So whenever I am not sure what to blog about I always go to the history channel or yahoo for a bit of inspiration. Today I chose the history channel. On this day in history forensics solved a murder case in 1911 when forensics was still not even a true science yet. Here is the link to the case if yiu guys are interested:…


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High school senior no more

As of yesterday I am no longer an Americas High School senior. Although I went through a fiasco and a half during senior clearance it feels nice to know that everything is in order and all I have to do this Saturday is shake the principles hand and grab my diploma :) It has been a good four years and I am unimaginably excited for the next four! I have the highest hopes for this summer and my first year away from home. It does make me a little sad because nothing will ever be the same after…


Added by Ytzel Monae McDaniel on June 2, 2011 at 1:08pm — 1 Comment

Who doesn't love a wedding?

Well Kristen Wig in bridesmaid is a little short of enthusiasm when she finds out her best friend is engaged. I am not going to lie I truly thought the movie bridesmaids was going to tank. My mom is the one that pushed me to see it and I am really glad she did. I love Kristen Wig she has always been hilarious and sometimes she makes SNL awesome. Well she made this movie rock as well as some…


Added by Ytzel Monae McDaniel on May 27, 2011 at 12:41pm — 1 Comment

The Final Countdown

It is incredible to think that there are only 3 days left of senior year! It's funny to think I remember seniors saying to me it comes faster than you think, but I never really believed it. Well let me tell you it went by too fast. It wasn't until I was helping a friend edit the senior slide show for graduation that it hit just how much I am going to miss high school. I miss the football games and senoir week and homecoming week and all the crazy silly pep rallies we had. With 3 days left… Continue

Added by Ytzel Monae McDaniel on May 25, 2011 at 12:21pm — 1 Comment


So last night I get a phone call from my mom and she lets me know that the CDC (center for disease control) has released an article about a zombie attack! Immediately I am freaking out. I should probably explain that since a young I have been traumatized of zombies- I blame my cousins for always playing resident evil around me. Anyway way though I panicked and looked up the article immediately.

It really wasn't about zombies but a cute & funny spin on how to handle any natural…


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If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!

When I was younger my mother always taught me if I didn't have anything nice to say I shouldn't say it at all. I feel there are so many grown adults that need to learn this "golden" rule. I always thought what made our country amzing is the fact that you can express your opinion and not be persecuted for it. This was not the case when KVIA interviewed one of my fellow classmates. Edwin Felix is number four in my graduating class and has a very promising future. He recently spoke out about…


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Current obsession: Adele 21

Maybe its the fact that a relationship of mine has come to an end or just the way Adele sings but I have been obsessing over her new ablum. I really do believe it is a healing ablumb, i quite literally got over my slump after listening to this cd. So yea maybe you haven't gone through a break up but your just having a bad day or a your in a bad mood or maybe you got into an arguement with someone this is the cd for you. Check it out guys! Really 12 tracks of amazing-ness. I promise it won't… Continue

Added by Ytzel Monae McDaniel on May 12, 2011 at 1:43pm — 3 Comments

The Royal Wedding...Gag me with a spoon!

I don't know about you guys, but I can't stand this wedding anymore! At first I didn't really mind hearing about it and it was a little interesting. But now things have gotten out of hand! E! news covered the wedding for a straight month, non-stop almost. They had so many different segments about it. Now after the wedding I figured it would be done. Oh was I wrong though? Now, a week after this ridiculous wedding, Yahoo wants to cover it. Frankly, If I knew whom to send a letter to I would…


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Adrenaline junkies this is for you

So if you're like me and love roller coasters yahoo has come up with a list of the top 9 roller coasters in America!

Here is the link:

I never knew Ohio had so many theme parks. I can tell you the best rides I've ever ridden are:

1. Tower of Terror- California Adventure

2. Mr. Freeze- Six Flags Dallas

3. The Poltergist- Six Flags San…


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When in Rome...

April 21st, I never really thought that there was anything special about today, but I just leard that in 753 B.C. Rome was founded today. I was simply sitting here at Latinitas trying to figure out what to blog about. I decieded to check out the History Channel website and they have an area that tells you a historical event that happened each day. Well today the once epic nation of Rome was founded. The site also gives the history of Rome and how it came to have a five year period known as…


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Feather Extensions

So the new craze at my school just so happens to be feather extensions! I had never seen them before, but this girl in my english class who loves Ke$ha began wearing them. She started wearing them about a week or two a go and now I am seeing them everywhere. I have to admit I am pretty in love with them! Just today she help me put in a tiger looking feather extension.

It may sound really weird but they look really hip or hipster-ie, even though I know that isn't a word. They come in…


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Prank War!

So it has officially begun, I am not at war with my guy friends and my girls and I will win!

This Tuesday my two friends tricked me into walking out of my house by luring me with the promise of a cd. When I walked out of my house I was ambushed by water balloons. They then went to get one of my other best friends. It was on! My best friend and I had the idea to silly string one of their cars, but they beat us to the punch. Yesterday as I walked out of work my car was covered with…


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Monet to Matisse

Whenever I drive to the westside or downtown I always see a billboard about an exihibit at the El Paso Museum of Art, but I never know what the exhibit is. Well I have finally googled it and Monet to Matisse is the name of the exhibit and will be showcasing 30 paintings by French impressionist. I am incredibly excited to check out the exhibit since Monet is certainly in my top 5 favorite painters. I love the way that everything he painted looks like a mess when up close but from far away it… Continue

Added by Ytzel Monae McDaniel on April 14, 2011 at 1:07pm — 4 Comments

Technology and School

So this morning in AP Government my teacher threw a random pop quiz at us, which of course none of us were prepared for. The test was surprisingly not as difficult as I thought it would be but one question did get me. Number three asked how many people make up the House of representatives and Senate. I knew that the Senate has 100 because two senators from each senate go so its simple math, but the House of Representatives I had no clue. I left it blank and turned in my paper. My friend sitting… Continue

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Boredom is a killer :/

So I am the type of person who needs to be constantly busy or ill end up wasting lots of time (most likely sleeping :)) and now skills usa competition is done as well as theater. It is time to start looking for something new! I'm thinking taking up gymnastics again but I am not too sure. I have been dying to try archery but I am not even sure if El Paso has anything like that. We'll see I am sure I will find something to take up my time. if anyone has a ny suggestions it would be greatly… Continue

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It's funny, as much as I may complain about being bored in El Paso it always feels nice to be home after vacation. I definitely missed El Paso even though I was only gone for a little while. I guess there is just always something about your hometown. I certainly do love El Paso...even if I complain about it a lot.

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Spring Break doesn't come soon enough!

I know it's the weekend and I shouldn't be complaining but this week has quite literally sucked the life out of me! We should have had all of the coming week off for spring break but because of the weather and snow days I have school until Thursday. I'm incredibly exhausted because this week was finals week and I've been staying up till 3ish every night working on projects or studying. I just want some sleep!!!! All my older friends keep telling me I should get used to not getting sleep, quote… Continue

Added by Ytzel Monae McDaniel on March 11, 2011 at 3:12pm — 2 Comments

Working out

I've realized that this winter I have strayed away from exercise and I want to start doing something again.I have always been the type of person who can't go to a gym and work out using machines; I need to actually be doing something. During the summers I normally hike in the mornings, but its still a bit to cold for that. I dont necessarily like running.I would love to take a class but I don't know what I should take....

Any suggestions? :)

Added by Ytzel Monae McDaniel on March 10, 2011 at 1:56pm — No Comments




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