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DC living (my experience as a CHCI fellow)

Last summer I got some exciting news, I accepted a public policy fellowship at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) that would change my life forever. 

The nine month fellowship placed me and another 21 other excited graduate and public policy fellows to work at federal agencies, Capitol Hill, national non-profits and think tanks. 

I was placed at the U.S. House of Representatives where I worked for 9 months doing research, writing memos, attending Capitol…


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Register to Vote!!!

One of the most important things we can do is exercise our right to vote. I am currently working at the U.S. House of Representatives and can really see the importance of casting your vote to bring in the people that make our policy decisions.

Today is also National Voter Registration Day so if you can vote and haven't registered yet, do it here! And if you can't, tell your parents, friends, tias,…


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10 Life Lessons learned from my Eurotrip

As some of you know, I had the opportunity to travel abroad this year for a couple of weeks. I went to Paris, France, Athens and Aegina, Greece and Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain. During that time, I met great friends, explored new places, went on awesome adventures and made incredible memories. I also gained perspective on the world around me and learned an incredible deal about my own self. 

Here are a few things that I learned from my trip to Europe.…


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Guest Blogger - A GUY talking about True Beauty

So at the office, the interns and I, especially the avid blogger Araceli, talk about mylatinitas and blogging. We have 2 guy interns at our office that often feel left out since mylatinitas is GIRLS ONLY!!! And we would like to keep it that way but we would also like to give them the opportunity to blog, since we're all about equal rights right?? hehe.


Eric is our very funny and creative graphic design intern. He decided to write about a girl's true beauty, so here it is...oh…


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My very talented picture taking, community loving, awe inspiring, beautiful, adorable, Latina friend, Eurydice Saucedo,JUST discovered what I have been telling her for the longest time!!




And she has a gift of capturing great pictures....which she used to call "luck" you know being in the right place at the right time but pfftt, she was just being too…


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Paris Je T'aime!

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. 


I watched Paris Je T' best friend had told me that it was a great movie and I reall

y wanted to watch it. 

So yesterday, Wednesday, part of my biweekly ritual is to go to Blockbuster to rent movie

s since it's 2 for 1 Wednesdays. I'd like to think that I'm the one keeping Blockbuster in business since Netflix and Red box have taken for movie rentals. 

I still think that…


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If I should have a daughter....

So I was watching again and I came across this awesome poetry performance! I really wanted to share because I think you would enjoy as well. 

I believe that creativity and the arts are fundamental for our community. School focuses so much in subjects like English and Math that are very important but what about things like dance, poetry, creative writing, music, painting, photography, etc. This are all ways that we express ourselves and that makes us very different than any…


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Neon Desert Music Festival

As I entered the gates to the first ever music festival in El Paso (on left), I remembered that one fateful Tuesday morning when I was assigned to head out for a City Council Meeting to cover a story. Not the most interesting story I've gotten but I took it and was excited to attend my first city council meeting.


Unbeknownst to me was what I was about to hear during the meeting that would change the course of this past weekend. 

A group of El Paso natives…


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Study Abroad Testimonial


Today I received an email from the UT Study Abroad Office. I studied abroad while I was in college and they were asking me if I was willing to answer some questions about my study abroad experience. Of course, I immediately began answering and writing about my experience since it's something that I love to talk about and encourage everyone to do. So here is what I wrote. :)


I think about my study abroad experience almost every day. It was one of the best experiences I… Continue

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I never really volunteered in high school or was heavily involved in extracurricular activities. When  I was a freshman in high school, I was part of a club called MESA (Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement) and in the swim team. I was living in Colorado and moved to El Paso, TX when I was a high school sophomore.

After my move, I never got involved in high school, I didn't take up swimming or any other after school activities. Part of it, was my shyness. I felt a bit like…


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An inspirational talk


Last week, I began browsing onto a website called It's basically a conference where inspirational or successful people talk about their lives in an 18 minute time frame. The talks are recorded and available for anyone to watch at the website 


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and is a non profit organization that brings people together from these 3 areas at conferences, usually in California but also in the UK.  They also had a TED women…


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This weekend, I realized that I really need to learn how to relax. Lately, I've been very stressed and overwhelmed with the things I have to do and with my plans for the future. I've been feeling tired, sluggish and my back has been aching for a couple of weeks.  


On Thursday, I hanged out with my best friend and one of our own high school friends that we hadn't seen in years. My best friend lives in San Antonio and was leaving on Saturday so we were made plans to…


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Spring = birthdays (for me)


Today is my Mom's birthday! I'm super excited to be able to spend it with her and very grateful for having such a wonderful mother.

I know everyone says this about this mother, but I really truly have the best most awesome mother I could have EVER asked her.

And even if I had the choice of choosing a mother, I don't think my choice would've matched my mom.

Not that I have any expectations, but if there was, she would have greatly exceeded those…


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Real Women have Curves - mother/daugther relationships


Wednesday night, I finally watched Real Women have Curves. I have heard about this movie for so long and how good it is and this and that but I had never actually taken time to sit down and watch it.


It was pretty good. There are so many themes that can be discussed in this movie and maybe I'm still in the school mind set mode but I kept thinking that teachers/professors could have their students write an essay about this movie. I was already imagining the prompt for…


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Since last night I have been feeling pretty nostalgic (longing about a past event or item in the past). I remember that this time last year I was finishing school, stressed but enjoying the last few weeks of college. 


I especially missed my friends. The nostalgic feeling occurred at 4am when I finished watching my latest Korean drama, Witch Yoo Hee. Most of the people that I have talked to recently do not know or have never heard of Korean dramas. So it makes it a…


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Sole Sister wants you to share your shoe story!

Here’s a great contest for you! We are calling all shoe and chocolate lovers to participate!

How? Share your most memorable story about shoes. Tell us about the day you got your first heels or the time the doctor told you to switch to flats… Do you have that one pair of shoes that you will never let go off because it holds your sweetest memories? Which shoes did you wear in the happiest times of your life and what did they make you feel like? Do heels empower you? And if…

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Sushi for the picky eater


So I have a problem....with food. 

I love food so that's not a problem. 

My problem is that I'm picky about food. I don't like to try new things when it comes to food and I'm picky about the food that I do eat. 

This is very unlike how I am in other aspects, in fact I think of myself of wanting to try new things and being open-minded. Yet food is a different story. 

I think about how will I ever get to travel the world and explore new cultures if I'm not…


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April = National Poetry Month


Today I remembered that April is National Poetry Month and found myself revisiting some of my favorite poems. Most of them I have discovered through my English and Spanish literature classes. I love reading poems in class and interpreting them and learning about the author. It helps me understand the poem a lot better and becomes more enjoyable to read.


National Poetry Month was established by Academy of American Poets in 1996 to promote poetry and poems and so that…


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It's April!!


I woke up in a very happy mood today. I do not know why but I felt refreshed and ready to start the day. I am also excited since it's the start of a brand new month and a month that I get to be with my family for their birthdays. I haven't been home in a few years during the month of April when my mom and dad celebrate their bdays so I'm happy that I will this year and I am excited to spend time with them. My brother's birthday is in the beginning of May so I'll get to spend it with…


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Cesar Chavez legacy continues


Tomorrow is Cesar Chavez Day and I am very excited to commemorate a Latino leader of social equality. I did a profile on Cesar Chavez earlier this year and I got to know more of what a great person he was and how inspiring he continues to be for younger generations.


Last Friday, Marisol and I decided to go a work in progress film screening, "Cesar's Last Fast" by filmmaker Richard Ray Perez at Mercado Mayapan. an indoor Mexican market,


The film has…


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