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Fashion Forward

           I do not like the idea of retouchers using Photoshop to make the models perfect and the way they think the people want them to look. Photoshop makes the models fake and to perfect to be true. 

                The retouchers assume that the people know that they made the models entirely different from what they really are. Commercials say you are beautiful so why don't magazines think the models are…


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Trip To Mexi-Arte

                    The trip to Mexi-Arte museum was kind of cool. I especially liked the floating skull head they had there. What I enjoyed more than anything was taking pictures of stuff downtown. They had many cool statues and nice architecture in downtown Austin. I cannot wait until Univision comes to Latinitas. I'm hoping to see many reporters from Univision Austin. 


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Gamer Chic


         How do I feel about girls in video games?.....

Well I think it is wonderful that girls are included in video games. I think it makes girls seem strong especially the games that the girl is the main character. Also if the girl character is fighting for a purpose and not just fighting for violence. I think it is not fair that the girl is the one that needs rescuing because it makes girls look weak.


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you are beautiful!

Being beautiful is not what you look like it's your personality. You don't need makeup to be beautiful its just a mask covering up you true self. Just be you! Just because celebrity's wear makeup and say it makes them sooo beautiful it doesn't and you don't have to wear it just because everyone does. Be yourself, start something new. If you stood in a picture…


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fashionable people

I think hunter hayes has great fashion he looks great in anything!! I love his clothes , but he also looks like he dresses independently. He looks great!! He doesn't look like he copies everyone else and thier clothes and that's great!!

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I think carrie underwood is very fashionable she always has a cute outfit for every concert and caual wear. She looks she doesn't care what everyone else is wearing. She looks like she throws on anything she has but looks great!

Added by vanessa mandujano on July 15, 2013 at 9:19am — 1 Comment

The Guestspeaker

The guestspeaker that came to our camp was name Lilac she showed us how to angle our pictures and center them. She showed us to block out the object we want to take and look what is around it. Because there might be a patch of light you don't see when you just take the picture. She said the camera is the tool, and you are the photography. 

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My first film I made

What was your favirote part of making your film?

              My favirote part was acting out what my team planned on our story board. It was fun to act out and hear myself on a recorder and hear the stuff I planned out. it was awesome to be able to expereance making my own short film. I can't wait to watch it and see how it comes out!!

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My trip to Dell

Yesterday's visit to Dell was different from the first because we learned this time what is not good to put on your Facebook and other social sites. when you enroll into a college they will look at your background, all of the bad language you post will show up on a spread sheet. Even if you are quoting lyrics to a song how many times you say a curse word it will show…


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My trip to Dell

I went to Dell In round rock on Monday June 24 .Dell was very exciting place for me to be able to visit. The instructors gave me lots of information about their ways of helping people with problems with their computers. They knew everywhere in the world where people have trouble with their computers.

          I also got to see where they saw every bad tweet that people all over the world posted-like people saying they hate dell-and they would reply back asking them about their…


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