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"Always be yourself" is not a cliche


March 7th (Friday) Myth vs Reality: What advice do you wish someone would have told you when you were 13 years old…


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As Latinas, we belong everywhere, just like everybody else


March 5, Wednesday: How has being a Latina influenced your identity and outlook on life?…


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Feminism- More about Unity

Latinitas Blog-A-Thon Day Three

The "F" Word: Tell us a personal experience about how feminism/being a feminist influenced (or continues to influence) your life.…


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It's a life full of decisions. Let's make them!

Not too long ago, I was writing here to describe my struggle in deciding whether I should continue living in Thailand. It was a place I was very attached to, with it's unique environment, full of different colors, sounds, sights and tastes. A place where people were kind and strange in the way that they provoked me to want to know more. I had good and honest…


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After a year and a half- I'm going back home

I've lived in Thailand for almost a year now, and it all happened through a gradual move. I first moved to Paris- a city considered popular all around the world- where I worked as an English teacher. There, I met many people who knew more about traveling to Thailand. People in France consider Thailand to be a popular tourist destination. It is after all, not…


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How good it is to be unable to leave 'everything'


As Latinas, it’s never easy to envision ourselves as completely independent beings. Over the past decades, modern societies have considered ‘independence’ to be a highly positive trait, and while this can be true, to what degree is it recommendable? While some say that it's good to leave everything you know in order to discover something new, Latinas hold the…


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Sharing my cultural pride during Hispanic Heritage Month- Why Latinas make strong leaders

The term 'Latinas' only exists when used in the context of a 'foreign' land. It is a term broadly and commonly used in the United States. However, over the past decades, the United States has become less foreign to many Latinas. This means that Latinas have transformed into a cultural group defined by the mixture of both the Latin and North American…


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A Photo Story- Eccentricities Around the World!

 Eccentricities Around the World


Paris, France                                                               Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

There are so many delicacies around the world. The French would consider a cricket to be eccentric, while the…


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Traveling Redefined

Traveling opens new doors, encourages different thoughts, and creates a unique mindset. These are some of the few qualities that we’ve all heard that traveling can provide. But in an increasing globalized world, what does traveling really mean?

We now have the ease to travel by air, and find ourselves from one continent to the next in a lapse of a couple of…


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The Power of Making Decisions

When I was a little girl, the most important decisions I ever made were to choose my favorite candy from the store, a cartoon channel to watch on TV, and a pet to take care of. Today, these decisions seem very simple in comparison to the ones I make. Why is that?

Is it because I am aware that there can be no wrong decisions coming from choosing a candy or a cartoon channel? Or is it that I’ve lost some notion on decision making abilities from the time I was a child? The truth is…


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Someday I will settle down

Have you ever been in love? I have. The feeling was so great, I never wanted it to end. There were days when I was sure I wanted to be with him forever. My parents worried a little bit, concerned that I might want to get married when I hadn’t even graduated from college, but I figured it was alright. Most of my friends from Mexico had long term relationships of at least two years and they were already planning on marriage too. At that time I had been living in Texas for two years, and had…


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Daring to Cross Borders

Diversity is a beautiful concept. Over the past years we have been more commonly taught to accept it, especially with the availability of new methods of mass media communication such as Facebook and YouTube, where people can easily express their thoughts and beliefs to the entire world. Traveling has also become a more accessible practice, where younger generations are not only suggested but encouraged to work and study abroad. This means that the newer generations are gaining the…


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Believe me, I’m a good girl

"I’m a good girl, right?" is the question that many of us women ask ourselves frequently. For centuries we’ve made an effort to adapt our manners, behavior and appearance to those that are asked of us. We all do it- men and women just as equally. The difference is that women have done it with the purpose of not only gaining acceptance but also avoiding mistreatment. And does it all matter? Are these expectations helping us or confining us to a limited amount of options and growth? The…


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Hello Latinitas! Let me tell you about an INSPIRING event that Latinitas brought me to!

Hello Latinitas!

I am glad and very proud to newly form part of your community. Introducing myself very quickly here, I will say that my name is Giselle Rosas, I'm 23 years old, and I'm a Latina who has lived between borders her whole life (those belonging to US and Mexico). Coming from this background and very special circumstances, I can say that my…


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