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Why im proud to be latina

By:Fatima Belman

Dobie Middle School 

I'm proud of being a Latina. Latinas are special to me because my whole family's generation are Latina.

My mom tells me that are family generation are Latina. She tells me that I should be proud of being a Latina because I'm a Latina myself. We celebrate Cinco de mayo, quinceaneras, Dia de los Muertos. when i celebrate with my family I feel happy and exited.  

     My family is so especial to me because we're all Latina. The…


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Proud Latina

I'm Jacqueline and I go to walnut creek school also am proud to be latina because i feel free and i can do things that nobody can do. I am a very smart girl am also very clever. i believe that i can do anything not just people who are famous. i want to tell everyone to reach their goal am also trying to tell people to wake up! Be true, be your self and reach what is your dream. Be crazy, be funny be your self like me. i am latina and no one is going to change that so be what you are and…


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Girl Power

      My first name is Jocelyn and I go to Walnut Creek Elementary and what I'm going to talk about is going to be i am a Chica Poderosa because....... if u see girls are power full boys think that they are cool and smart and  strong not only the boys could do stuff if u see more often girls are on the soccer team lacrosse team bally ball and more stuff and more other teams so what else should i talk about and girls are strong to there is small girls tall girls and more and there pretty…


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My name is  Juliana  I  go to  walnut creek . I am  proud  to be Latina.  my family is latino .latino speaks   Spanish a lot of them speaks  Spanish and  English   but  my  family  only  speaks  Spanish.  one day  I   Teach  my  self  how to speak  English.My mom was  proud  of me.and  that day I learn that latino are special is me: Juliana. 

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Why we're proud to be Latina

Our NAME is Michelle and Kasey.

I'm proud to be a LATINA because????..........

OUR beauty comes from the inside and pops to the outside.

Girls are strong because they stand up to bullies.

WOMEN are strong.WOMEN are smart sensitive and over all INSPIRING.


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Proud Latina

My name is gabby and I go to Walnut Creek elementary and why are you proud to be a Latina? Why because I am a Latina. I am from Michoacán Mexico and I speak Spanish.I am

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i feel what i feel

hi my name is JAYLEY PALACIOS-NAVA and i love alot of things and about my friends and my family and im proud of being LATINA because i can do what other peaple can do and i love FNAF it stands for FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S and i love that game i have alot of things about it and more things about why i feel good or perfect as a LATINA i can make people happy if their sad or something i love my BFF'S and i can counton them and my family and they take care of me when i need them.they take good…


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Why I'm proud to be a latina

By Jesslynn C.

Brooke Elementary

I am proud to be a Latina because my Latina teachers teach me new things. They are nice and the best teachers. I think people should be a Latina because probaly it can change your life like you can probaly be a music player even though you do not even play. You can go see a free movie sponsored by Latinitas. We're watching Hidden Figures on Friday March 24 at the Google Fiber center. Or you can even have a party. That is why you should be proud… Continue

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Why I'm Proud to be Latina

By Yoselyn Majano

Brooke Elementary

Here are  8 reasons I am proud of being Latina.

1 I can teach someone Spanish.

2 The food is delicious.

3 There are a lot of ice cream stores and open spaces in Latin America

4. Enchiladas come from Central America , South America and Mexico.

5. There are a lot of fun places to hang with your family in Mexico.

6. You can meet new people in Latin Communities in America.

7. There are no…


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