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MTV's Washington Heights Review

                I just finished watching the first episode of MTVs new reality series, “Washington Heights.” The show follows the lives of young adult Dominicans living in the New York neighborhood of Washington Heights, and embarking on their dream career paths. They are JP, Reyna, Frankie, Ludwin, Jimmy, Eliza, Taylor, and Rico. They are musicians, poets, and athletes in addition to being close-knit friends, and per the Dominican standard, they are bursting with “love for everyone.” …


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The Travails of Becoming Fluent in a Second language

                Sitting in class listening to my professor speed through a lecture in Spanish always leaves me with the thought: Why do I do this to myself?! Is it worth it? When I’m called on to respond, and stumble embarrassed, through an elementary response fraught with poor grammar I wonder: Will I ever be fluent?

                I’ve been studying Spanish for most of my educational career, though never seriously until college. I remember lying crosswise in…


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Teen Obsession With Celebrity

            “You look like a celebrity!” cried one girl as I entered the room. This was my first time attending one of Latinitas middle school after school clubs, and I had yet to introduce myself. “You look like a celebrity!” she cried again. “Which one?” I asked. She didn’t know the answer to that, but she was fairly certain I was a celebrity despite my insistence that I was not.

                Once everyone was sufficiently star-struck, the meeting continued. Because I was subbing…


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Middle-School Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of substituting for a sick club leader at one of Latinitas many middle-school after school programs. At an age before romantic love has even crossed the mind of most young girls, my fellow club leader and I had the opportunity to ask these Latinitas what they thought about Valentine’s Day. The answers we got were succinct, but poignant.

Is Valentine’s Day necessary?

“Yes” they answered unanimously

What does Valentine’s Day mean to…


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Immigration Reform

            On January 21, 2013 President Barack Obama delivered his second inaugural address. Amidst the myriad of problems Obama addressed, journalists are harping on what they call a “hard line on immigration reform.” Obama encouragingly noted that, as Americans, “Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity…Until bright young students and engineers are enlisted in our workforce, rather…


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V-Day, One Billion Rising

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of you are probably blushing at the thought of your boyfriend or a secret admirer. You have your red construction paper ready, and are composing “Roses are red…” poems in your head. Some of you are sitting at home saddened by the prospect of not having a special someone. But how many of you have considered rising up with others to end violence against women?

An organization called V-Day has created a world-wide event, called “One…


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Sonia Sotomayor

Since August 2009, Sonia Sotomayor has been serving as an Associate Justice for the Supreme Court of the United States. An influential part of the American government, she is the 1st Hispanic, and the 3rd female justice to sit on the US Supreme Court. This is a huge victory for Latina women in the US! However, Sonia Sotomayor’s extensive and colorful career of successes should not be mistaken for an easy ride to the top.

Like every young woman,…


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Carnaval Brasileiro

Hey Ladies,

If you enjoy costume parties, face painting, Latin American music and dance, and a good time, you’ll want to listen up! This February 2nd at Austin’s own Palmer Event Center there will be a Carnaval celebration. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Carnaval, here is a brief history:

  • Carnaval is a Brazilian festival and parade based on the Christian festivities that took place in Medieval Europe just before Lent.
  • It is celebrated through…

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About Me

Hey Latinitas!

My name is Ashley Steel and I’m one of your new editorial interns. I attend the University of Texas and I’m starting my career as a writer.

Though I’m not Latina myself, here are some fun Latin American related facts about me:

  • I study International Relations with a focus in Latin American.
  • I also study Spanish and Portuguese language and literature.
  • I spent the summer of 2012 living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • I was in the…

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How do You Identify Yourself?

      Latin America is a HUGE region. With 20 countries, many different languages, traditions, governments, and histories to be found, there is plenty of diversity. However, a common mistake made by people outside of Latin America is to characterize the region as if it’s all the same. Argentina’s non-spicy Italian foods are nothing like the spicy dishes of Mexico. Peru, with its large Asian population does not have the same traditions as Brazil’s black population. Across the region you will…


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