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Feminist Eyes- Changing the Image of Women in Music Videos?

Today I read this article from the Washington Post after my professor mentioned it: Debra Lee from BET wants to improve the images of Black women that are typically seen in music videos. I found this very amazing because for the longest time the images shown of women were ones that would that objectify them. I remember this being the case ever since I was little and would turn the music video channels.

According to the article, “the network has long come under fire for its music videos that critics say perpetuate racial stereotypes of African Americans and demean women. In 2008, a group called "Enough Is Enough" protested outside of Lee's home for more than five months.”

While this article focuses solely on BET, I think other music networks should also follow towards the same goal.

I think these images are negative because they do not show women in a positive light. Women are only seen as objects or as passive. It would be great to see these images disappear or at least not appear so often. It will be interesting to see how BET evolves as a network. I hope BET will be able to follow through and can set an example to other networks.

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Comment by cloud.eah on March 24, 2010 at 10:56am
OOH MY GOSH! I totally agree with Miriam! Shakira was awesome with her long black hair but when she did her cross over she had to go blonde and shake her hips. I agree that black women suffer from teh stereotype in rap videos but Latinas have it bad too. Seductress and hip shaking :(
Comment by Miriam on March 24, 2010 at 7:32am
I agree, music videos are nothing but SEX! The worst part is it objectifies women as that is all women are good for and the more they show the more they sell. I remember when Shakira barely started with her Pies Descalzos album, I remember her with jeans and a tshirt singing her awesome songs, she looked beautiful! She was also about 20 pounds heavier and fully clothed. Then she was americanized, she started to take off her clothes little by little. You can tell the difference even in her album covers. I still love Shakira but she is an example that women need to take off her clothes to sell, you don't see man having to be naked to sell albums? That is just one more thing that needs to change!




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