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No more glasses, no more contacts! I can see!!!

I underwent the Lasik procedure last week, on Valentines Day.

Even though I knew the risks, I was convinced I needed this procedure done. It angered me that I was defective. My vision was terrible and getting worse with the years. I was no longer able to see my alarm clock in the mornings or see the direction of peoples eyes 2 feet in front of me. A lot of people questioned my decision, insisting that I had worn contacts for many years and that I was fine. Here's the thing. My vision was getting worse, I was harming my eyes using contacts and I felt insecure because I felt everyone had the upper hand.

I checked local places and found a Dr. who had operated an acquaintance of mine. She turned out fine. I underwent the procedure on 2/14 early in the morning. I was freaking out the day before but the day of I was calm, cool, and collected. I paid attention to every detail from the loud buzzing coming from the machine that cut my eye to the smell of burnt hair coming from the laser. I absolutely felt no pain and zero discomfort. I had to wear goofy clear shields. On our way home I was able to see, a bit fuzzy but still clearer than I had ever seen without glasses.My first two days of recovery were a bit brutal for me. I felt like I had trash in my eyes and they were constantly crying. I slept most of the day and ate two meals with my eyes completely closed. At one point I attempted to open my eyes and what felt like "water" was running down my cheeks. I just went to sleep.

The magical part happened the following day when I awoke. I saw for the first time in years through my beautiful eyes. I couldn't stop smiling. It truly feels magical. Compare it to giving a limb to a patient who lost an arm or a person who was just given a hearing aid after struggling for years. People don't understand how COMPLETE I feel. Nothing can stop me now :D BWAHAHAHAH

Every day i see better and better. Its fun to wake up and freak out thinking i slept with my contacts on :) i just smile. I can see with my own eyes the second I wake up I havent seen this clear since I was about 6 years old.  The best part of LASIK is that as the days go on you see better and better. and you will never lose your vision until you get old. I'm perfect now. I no longer feel like I'm missing out I feel so different inside I love it. I'm glad my fiance had such a brilliant idea to do this that he was willing to sacrifice so much money for me to see. he knew how much I suffered and refused to see me suffer much longer. 

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Comment by Alicia on February 22, 2012 at 8:02pm

I'm so glad everything came out great!

Comment by Alicia on February 22, 2012 at 8:02pm

I'm so glad everything came out great!




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