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What I Think About A All Girls And All Boys School ...

I think that a all girls school will be more drama and way more fights . I also think that instead of it being about who can pull the most boys , its gonna end up on who looks the best and who has "shoe game"

 Another problem is girls become messier and a little bit more fake . And also when their are no boys around  i think they may end up seeing each other in a differnt way then normal .

So to sum it up i think it would be a good idea decrease pergancy , but a bad i dea because girls may turn bisexual or or a lesbian (no offense)

   I think a all boys school would make them focus on school instead of girls (same with girls ) i also think it wouldn't be more fights because most of the fights are about girls ...but this time it wouldnt be any girls (unless its outside of school ) They also might end up looking at each other in a differnt way

So to sum it up i think a all boys school would be a good idea from the staying on their education but they might turn gay or bisexual (no offense)

    But Me Personally I Would NOT Like To Be In A All Girls School... But THat's Just Me

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Comment by Laura Donnelly on February 7, 2013 at 3:51pm

Tyranee - boys can be distracting, sometimes take up a lot of teacher time and also spend a lot of time measuring us, the girls by what we look like. Imagine an environment where you would be truly free to focus on you.  All girls school or not, if you like boys, you will still like boys!  It might be worth a try to go to a school of just chicas...I hope you keep an open mind!




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