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Hello lovely Latinitas regulars! I'm a new blogger around here so I figured I should provide you with an introduction to me before I start blogging regularly.

Here are the basic facts:

My name is Rachel Taliaferro, and I'm a freshman at UT Austin hoping to major in magazine journalism. Home is in Mission, about five hours south of Austin, in an area known as the Valley (Why? I'm not sure. It isn't even a real valley. But whatever.).

Now on to something marginally more exciting:

Six random facts about me:
1. When I was just a tiny infant, I was bitten by a black widow spider, and I think that subconsciously scarred me for life. I come dangerously close to fainting whenever I see any sort of eight-legged creature.
2. I LOVE Halloween (one week away!!!!) so much that I wish it came around three times a year, at least. I seriously start planning my costume one year ahead of time.
3. I used to collect those complementary shampoos and conditioners that you find in hotels. My dad used to travel around a whole lot, and instead of bringing me things like novelty souvenirs, he'd bring me shampoos and conditioners.
4. My dream vacation is to go on a cross-country road trip. When I was younger and much, much more naive, it used to be to hitchhike across the country, but then I read an essay by David Sedaris recounting a terror he had while hitchhiking and I figured I value my life too much to do that.
5. I've had the same best friend since junior high, and I'm 80% positive we were twins in a previous life. Our dream is to launch a magazine together.
6. I am totally and completely obsessed with both fashion and music. They are two of my greatest passions. I would love to be a fashion editor or music journalist.

Six random things I like:
1. Dreary weather. It makes me happy for some reason.
2. The sound of keyboards.
3. Granola and gyros. Best. Foods. Ever. Not together, though.
4. Dance parties. I could dance all night, I kid you not.
5. Radio and not having cable/satellite television (or a TV at all, for that matter). Like I said, I love music, and I think it's so unfortunate that FM radio is getting Clear Channel-ed and becoming woefully homogenized (shameless plug: for those of you in the Austin area, be sure to tune in to KVRX 91.7 FM--UT student radio; none of the hits, all of the time). And not having TV just makes me read more.
6. Polaroid cameras and dictionaries.

Six random things I don't like:
1. Milk with dinner.
2. People texting while talking.
3. Running on treadmills.
4. Ironing. Probably the biggest pain-in-the-arse ever.
5. Tea
6. When I forget to charge my phone and/or iPod.

So, I think that's enough info about me for one evening. A real post is coming soon!


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