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My english teacher recently showed my class the work of Pablo Neruda who is most famous for creating (odes in spanish) to common household items. Reading his poetry made me realize that small things like chairs, eggs, and even socks are taken for granted. My favorite poem is Oda a la cebolla- I dont even really like onions but he really does make them sound delicious. <---- spanish <------ english

The challenge fo the day? Write a poem about common household items or foods you may love or appreciate.

Here is my ode to the band-aid because I truly am a klutz.

Ode to the band-aid

Dear band-aid,

The true savior of my world.

The many shapes, colors, and sorts of you

Tiny adhesive,

You are a klutz’s one and only to friend.

I may trip and fall

scrape half the skin off my knee and end up shoeless

but dearest band-aid I know you were there.

When you are paired with Neosporin I feel true delight

You may come with a Barbie, Curious George, or even Cars design

but however you look I love you no less.

No matter how large the boo-boo I know you accommodate me.

Through all the years we have spent together

childhood through adolescence

our love flourishes.

Oh darling band-aid to you.

Through thick and thin,

tears and pain,

I know you stick to me

and I to you.





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Comment by Marisol Guzman on January 25, 2011 at 11:14am
this is so cool! I definitely going to check these out :) Thanks for your delightful "Ode to the Band-Aid" Ytzel, loved it!!
Comment by Sonia Rangel on January 24, 2011 at 9:59am
Great bandaid poem!!  I love Pablo Neruda's Odes. I remember reading some of my Spanish literature class! I liked the one "Oda a los caletines" or Ode to socks. And I even wrote my own to the spoon for a Spanish workshop. :) He's one of my favorite poets.




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