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4 Types of Exercise Everyone Should Do

There is no doubt that everyone wants to live a healthy life and to gain that healthy lifestyle you need some exercises and physical activities. If you’re a good exerciser and want to make your lifestyle just according to the way you’re expecting it to be, then leave your bed early in the morning and make an exercise schedule today. Physical Activity and Exercise fall into four prime categories in which strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility are included.

Most people have a tendency to focus on one activity or type of exercise and think they are doing enough. Instead, each type is different. Doing them all in various sequences will give you more benefits. Some people don’t pay attention to their daily exercises because they take part in other physical activities like running and other athletic competitions like Spartan Race etc.  You should not mix up the exercises and physical activities together. Though in this article, we have described each type in a separate section, some activities fit into more than one category. For instance, many endurance activities build strength and strength exercises also help out improve balance. Take a look at these points and make a routine.


Strength exercises always make your muscles stronger. Even a slight increase in strength can make a big difference in the ability to stay fit and carry out everyday activities, for example climbing stairs and carrying groceries. These types of exercises also are called "resistance training" or "strength training." Here we suggest you take part in Spartan Race and visit their official website for further information. Spartan Race has got great popularity among people and if you’re going to sign up there then don’t forget to take advantage of Spartan Race coupons and get 10% off instantly on your sign up.

  • Lifting weights
  • Using a resistance band
  • Using your own body weight


Aerobic, or endurance, activities increase your heart rate and breathing. They keep your lungs, heart, and circulatory system healthy and improve the overall fitness. Doing endurance exercise daily will help you make it easier to perform many of your everyday activities.

  • Yard Work (Raking, Mowing, Digging)
  • Dancing
  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging


Balance exercises always help prevent falls, which is a common problem in older adults. Many lower-body exercises also help you improve your balance.

  • Heel-to-toe walk
  • Standing on one foot
  • Tai Chi


Flexibility workouts stretch your muscles and help your body stay flexible. In true sense being flexible gives you more ease of movement for other exercises and it also helps you in your everyday activities.

  • Yoga
  • Calf stretch
  • Shoulder and upper arm stretch

In conclusion, we must include that, you should make a schedule for your different types of exercises because every exercise has got its own features and benefits for your body. Whether you’re doing strength training or love the Tai Chi exercise – each and every one impacts on your body directly and help you build your stamina. 

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