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A cultural tradition that impacted my life


A cultural tradition that made an impact on my life is when I turned 15. My quinceanera was different than the typical big party and waltz. The way I decided to spend my 15th birthday was by taking a trip to Durango Mexico to visit my family. My vacation lasted about a month in which I volunteered at the local elementary school and I made a lot of friendships. I never wanted anything big for my quinceanera and plus my parents couldn’t afford it. So during my time at Mexico I was without my parents because they didn’t have vacations. My grandma decided to make a mass in my honor as a way to thank God for my 15 years. The mass was beautiful and the priest gave a nice sermon. The people from Durango were astonished because a lot of teenagers attended that mass when usually no one goes. After mass, my friends and I went to my grandma’s house in which we cut the cake and we hit the piñata. I always wanted a Tinkerbell piñata and up to this date my family teases me because they believed that I was too old to have a piñata.  Well, after the fun piñata experience my friends organized me a “tardeada” which is like a little dance party with lots of balloons. The moment of the waltz arrived and I didn’t have a chambelan or a court so my friends started playing the song “Tiempo de Vals” and all my friends and the elementary school students made a big circle and one by one started dancing with me. That was a big moment for me because I wasn’t wearing a big puffy dress and I wasn’t at the most luxurious hall but I felt like a princess. I felt the love of my friends and I felt like I was maturing. I realized that to be happy you do not need to have expensive things, as long as you are with the people you love you will be happy.

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Comment by Wendy Gonzalez on April 18, 2013 at 9:20pm

beautiful I think that is what it is all about. I did have the full out quince but it I feel that as time goes on some quinceaneras start to loose the meaning of what it is all about. Girls start focusing on little things that distract us from the essence of turning 15.




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