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I find Ariel Castros suicide traumatizing.He was pronouced dead late last night an hour after guards checked in on him.

Ariel fathered a child with Amanda Berry, one of three girls he abducted years ago.  Family and friends did not think that Castro could ever be guilty of these things when really how many of us can say we know our neighbors or even our very  own family to the full extent. He had the nerve to tell the court that, "much of the sex was consensual." These words hit me hard only because it places the blame on the victims. He refuses to take the blame and that is so irratating. Why can't men just get a girlfriend and if he really did have a sex addiction why didn't get himself therapy. If he was well aware of his addiction, he had the mentality to think logically, no?

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I have no sympathy whatsoeverer for pedophile, rapists, or sexual abusers. Things like sexual molestation and rape is so darn heart wretching. I would really like to say that his action of killing himself instead of facing life and then some, is not cowardly, instead I would say that it shows how guilty he really was.

In MY opinion, it also shows the way Hispanic's cover up or choose not to belive that men do this. 

I don't blame all Hispanics, but I do think that Hispanics, in my experience,  tend to turn the other cheek because men tend to be the bread winners. Women may feel that reporting the family members would cause the bread winner to be taken away. Or sometimes they may feel that they may be taken away due to fear of deportation. 

This is just MY opinion. I probably have a narrow minded view of pedophiles.


Still, I would love to hear you gal's opinions. What are yall's experiences with Hispanic pedophiles? That is, if any.



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Comment by Alyssa Vega on September 16, 2013 at 11:44am

I agree that he deserved the punishment that he received, however, I don't think that it was that easy for him to just "get a girlfriend" or "get himself therapy. There was clearly something wrong with him to the point that made him think it was ok to abduct these girls and do the things that he was doing so I'm sure he wasn't mentally apt enough to create and maintain healthy relationships with women in general. People who have an addiction don't usually get themselves help right away. Typically, it takes "hitting rock bottom" for them to realize something might be wrong and even then, who's to say that they would want to seek help/change?


I don't think it's only "Hispanics" that try to cover up these sorts of things, rather, people who are closely affected try to avoid feeling shame (whether it be the victims or the family members of the pedophile) and that goes for pedophiles in general. I think it's inaccurate to limit it soley to Hispanics but like you said, it's only my opinion. Great topic for discussion, though. Most people would be hesitant to give their opinion on such a sensitive subject.




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