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Beauty Tips from Professional Latina make-up artist

According to Mia Mariú professional make-up artist, Christina Ozaeta, most Latinas are wearing the wrong shade of make-up. Mia Mariú is one of few make-up lines designed specifically for Latina women who have largely been ignored by the beauty and health sector. While most make-up is designed specifically for women of lighter shades, make-up for women of darker shades are usually made for African-American women. Latinas, the in-between shade, have very unique undertones in their skin that requires make-up with richer copper and olive undertones. Learning how to play up your natural radiant features with shades designed specifically for you can make applying make-up less of a hassle.

Colors for Latinas: Most make-up such as the MAC line is made up of ivory colors with pink undertones. Those shades are not complimentary for Latinas. "We're not ivory and we're not pink," Ozaeta said. "We're olives, yellows, coppers and bronzes under our skin tone." Make-up lines such as Mia Mariú designed specifically for Latinas is a good first place to start.

Coordinating make-up with your outfit: You want your make-up to be complimentary, not necessarily matching your outfit. "It's just like a jungle, you don't see only green in a jungle, you see reds, and oranges and blues and all different shades so your make-up and eyeshadows should be complimentary."

When your wearing... try....
Purple... Green
Blue... Golds and yellows
White... Play up the make-up
Black... You really need to lighten yourself up and make your eyes pop

Brushes: Natural brushes are the best to have but require the most maintenance. Wash your brushes about once a month with dishsoap and water

Shaping eyebrows: "The biggest mistake teens make is over-plucking their eyebrows. The shape that you have really fits your face, all they have to do is clean them up," Ozaeta said. To give your eyebrows a fuller look, fill them in with a matching eyebrow liner.

Covering dark under-eye circles: Dab a darker shade of foundation than you're used to under the eyes instead. Most people will put a lighter shade of make-up under the eyes but that looks too unnatural, the darker shade of make-up will blend in with your skin better.

Sunscreen: Every time you step out into the sun, your skin ages. Look for a foundation with sunscreen built into it. If not, you should always wear a lightwight sunscreen under your make-up.

Blush: Most girls will apply their blush in an angle going up above their cheeks. Your blush should go on the tops of your cheeks where the sun naturally hits your face.

Removing make-up at nighttime: Besides always applying sunscreen, the most important thing to do for your face on a daily basis is to remove your make-up completely at nighttime. For hard-to-remove eyeliner and mascara use a gentle make-up remover wash cloth. According to Ozaeta: "You just have to create these good habits that are going to last you your entire lifetime and it's going to benefit your face. It's going to keep wrinkles and acne at bay. It's very important to clean your skin at nighttime because your asleep 8 hours a day."

Make-up should always look natural and should only be used to enhance your natural beauty. If you feel you're ready to start wearing make-up talk to your mom or an aunt for advice on how to apply make-up. If they don't wear make-up, ask them to take you to a professional who can teach you how to apply make-up. And remember, beauty radiates from the inside, so as long as you feel good about yourself, you will look good.

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Comment by Carolina Sosa on May 21, 2013 at 12:31pm

Great Article! 

Comment by Wendy Gonzalez on April 3, 2013 at 11:27am

So helpful thank you so much. I try to always wear makeup that is not too exaggerated but the dark circles under my eyes are really bad and I always wear a lighter color concealer. I am really amazed at the point you make about wearing a darker shade. I'm going to try that from now on!  




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