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First week after returning to school... many, many words come to mind, but one stands out: MADNESS

For some of us going back to school is meeting new and old friends, catching up with the latest news, in one sense, is a great time. For others, is more like not a big deal, more money to spend, more work to do, etc. For the rest of us is just hectic.

I happened to discovered that I have done in this week more of what I done during the summer. I feel like if I'm in the middle of the semester, and it's only the first week... For me is total madness! there is not enough time for all the things I wish to do, or I need to do. People are canceling our meetings, some others want to meet even though my schedule says NO WAY! Then commitments show up when I don't need them to show up, and then giving up shows up too. "What if I just give up?", "Is this worth the try?", "Should I be recognized by this?", and all the madness that goes in our head that takes some portion of our time too.

That is why I tried to create the context of "being grateful". Even if the circumstances said the opposite, I tried to see the rewarding side of it. At the beginning it's difficult, but at the end becomes natural and even if you get upset by the situation you see the good side of it. That is why on this first week of school, I AM GRATEFUL FOR HAVING AN EDUCATION, AND AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE AND THE LIFE OF MY FAMILY.

Be grateful and enjoy the ride!

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Comment by Veronica Porras on August 31, 2012 at 10:54am

I understand what you mean when you say one should be grateful for having an education and having the opportunity to make a difference. I'm definitely happy and completely grateful for starting my second year of graduate school this week. It has been hectic but it could have been worse considering that I just moved into a new apartment. The thing is I am even more grateful when I realize that I am not alone in this process. Many of us are going through it at the same time. Luckily, my classmates are also my roommates and best friends. 




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