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18 women have come forward to say Bill Cosby, American actor, comedian, producer, director, sexually assaulted them. He drugged and raped most of them.  Probably dozens, maybe more, were on the receiving end of his inappropriate sexual advances and many others are probably unable to come forward.  I am still shocked how media and the public have difficultly separating someone's public image with their personal life.  Wasn't it clear with Robin Williams' suicide that you could be one of the most hilarious persons on screen and yet, be suffering in your actual life - to a point where you inflict harm on yourself.  I have sexual predators in my family- close family.  From the outside, they are or were admired fathers, brothers, sons.  Their attacks were on young females in my family including me. To this day, no one outside of my immediate family knows of one and his behaviors that have gotten him arrested. People don't want to talk about sexual assault and will go to great lengths to deny obvious truths.  Bill Cosby as a sexual predator doesn't shock me. In fact, in many ways - he is all the good things you know about him - someone who wanted to perpetuate a positive image for Blacks in media, something I admire. But, you can be that and a rapist, too. You can be good looking and date women and be a rapist.  You can have sisters and act like you respect your mother and still rape. You can certainly be married for a long time, though I'm astounded his wife didn't know of any of this.   In some ways, Bill Cosby's exposure is not the norm.  The fact that he has been exposed and that women are uniting in telling their stories indicates how important new media is.  Normal channels can be easily shut down by suing lawyers, but Facebook, Twitter and blogs like let women and other victims leave the shadows with dignity. This brings me joy. Jezebel, in fact, has a whole section called Rape Rape - which addresses high and low profile rape cases. I think journalism like this is changing the landscape of safety for women and girls and I commend them.  Social media, in many ways, provides a safe space for expression and when used effectively - it can create change - such as stopping a predator.  I do want to add that I doubt Bill Cosby is alone in taking advantage of young aspiring actresses -that Hollywood is probably very used to this behavior and that powerful White men have been doing this tenfold for decades.  I'm proud of these women for speaking out - they are accused of seeking compensation when most of us know when we expose a sexual predator there is nothing heroic, profitable or enjoyable about it. In fact, it is always harder on us - and sometimes the attacks turn on the victim in very harsh, unforgivable ways.  

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Comment by April C. Davila on December 12, 2014 at 6:59pm

I LOVE Jezebel for their cool feminist articles.

Reading your words makes me want to hurl my computer at the wall, not because it's Bill Cosby, the powerful likeable Mr. Huxtable, but because your words speak so much truth. 




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