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      There are plenty of reasons why I'm not at the Texas Capitol at this moment. It is the one place I wish I were at right now but I cannot be. If everything happens for a reason, I believe that part of why I'm not able to be there today is because I would get in trouble. The Capitol has been inundated for days with women and men protesting what the media is calling "abortion bills." The uproar started when Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Houston, stood for more than 13 hours to filibuster Senate Bill 5, which would get rid of 37 out of 42 women's clinics in the state. Now, I actually ended up at the Capitol that day by accident. I had troubles with my landlord that week and was staying over at a friend's house and had to drop her keys off. I was so glad I got to see that spectacle because it was amazing. The Capitol's walls echoed the loud chants of thousands of women and some men that were standing with Sen. Davis. "Kill the Bill! Kill the Bill! Kill the Bill!" was one of those chants. And, my most favorite "The people united will never be defeated!"

      A majority of Texas legislators are trying to pass these "abortion bills." These bills are placing incredibly high standards and regulations on women's clinics. They are targeting them and everyone knows. Although SB5 was not passed, Senate Bill 1 is about to go through legislation with the same type of standards and regulations on women's clinics. Now, I know I don't think of these bills as abortion bills. Texas legislators and all the protestors are focusing on abortion but what everyone should be focusing on is the fact that these clinics will not be available to provide other women's reproductive services. I will say it now and will probably repeat it later. I also believe that we should play close attention to all legislation because there are probably other Senate Bills that will affect people of color and the poor greatly. Already, Senate Bill 744 has passed on June 27. SB 744 makes immigration laws even harsher than what they already are placing more burdens on Mexican-Americans and other minorities living in the U.S. when applying for citizenship.

      I have a feeling guided by rationale that says we are going to be seeing way more protests unravel in our lifetime. It is "going to get down." I had also noticed that many Senate Bills concerning higher education have been passed on Texas. I have forgotten the exact numbers but I know that the people that are going to be most affected are people of color and the poor. This includes a contract to promote more associate degree graduations before transfers to an institution. Everyone needs to start paying attention.

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