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Blog-a-thon: Why am I Proud to be a Latina?

  In El Paso, I never credit the rich diversity of Mexican culture. Everyday, I hear the Spanish language and festive music, smell the greasy tacos and rice, and see the decorative murals, bright in color, adorned with scenes of fruit and gardens. It's easy to get bored of it all, when that is all that you see. I tend to take it for granted.

  However, I once spent a whole summer in Arizona, with a group of girls around my age. There were about two other latinas, but the rest were anglo-american. This summer, I came to appreciate the diversity of my culture, and take pride in it. Not that anglo culture is bad, there are a lot of things in all cultures that are quite amazing. What I mean is, there were some things on my culture that deviated from there's and they found those things to be interesting, unique, and valuable, even though I saw it as second nature. When diversity is apparent, it can be appreciated for it's uniqueness. I did not tire of seeing it as the norm anymore, it was something that truly was special.

  Some of the things that I came to appreciate in Mexican culture were: mustangs, the music of Selena Quintanilla, the pointsetta, aloe vera, quesadillas, pinto beans, sopa, arroz con leche, marketplaces, and celebrating on Christmas on Christmas Eve.

  Then of course, there is the fact that the Mexican came from the merge of Spaniards and the Aztec. The Aztecs were admirable, with their breathtaking pyramids, floating islands, and connection to the stars. When I found out that this blood flowed through me, it was very exciting, and I felt proud.

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