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Story of a Brave Latinita Dealing with Bullying

Hola Latinitas!  Bullying is a serious issue that far too many chicas have to deal with.  One of our brave Latinitas sent us this message and shared the challenges she has had to endure because of bullies. Let's send our love and positive encouragement her way.  Post a comment to share your advice on how to deal with bullying or share your own story of overcoming bullying. 

"I’m a junior in high school. In my theater class im being bullied. You may think seniors but no. Im being bullied by freshmen. I thought i was being weak and thought i was stupid just because im being bullied by younger kids, but you know what i found out? Even if the bully is younger than me,it still hurts cause you can hear what they are saying about me. Today is Thursday, last Thursday is when it all started it. My teacher already told them to stop and it was innapropiate, but these freshmen thought it was funny. Im afraid to attend class because I don’t know what will happen and im afraid of walking alone or in the hallways that they might do something to me. I have holded my tears and i have been getting sick because im holding in my anger. Im so tired of being pushed around, EVEN if it’s freshmen. I may be a junior, but sometimes older kids like me get picked on younger kids cause they think we are stupid and we should always be the grown up. What i hate the most is that they think im always a cry baby but im not, I don’t cry I hate crying. Today im telling a story about life, my life. The life where I have always been bullied from elementary from my sophmore year. Now im a junior, and im being bullied by freshmen. My high school year isn’t going to well, but i know i must be strong."

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Comment by Angelica Ruby Martinez on April 18, 2012 at 8:21pm

I would probably stick extra close to friends and ask them to walk to my classes with me. Although from experience you have to deal with it head on. I had this problem with my peers in middle school, they'd intimidate me and made me feel unsafe. However I think with bullies while ignoring can help, sometimes you do have to stick you neck out and say something. First though, I would try confronting them and asking "why do you hate me? or why do you pick on me so much? what did I do to offend you?" Sometimes they will answer you but other times they may just do it because they feel like they can get away with it or they aren't aware of how it's making you feel. A lot of times bullies are bullied themselves either at home, or in the past. However, other times they can be really mean spirited or being influenced by the mob-mentality. Personally, as scary as it might seem, I'd talk to the ring leader, you know, the one who has the most say or control over the group. Once you're cool with them, the others tend to leave you alone. Sometimes, just being genuine is enough, however I would often use humor to deflect. Sometimes you can break the ice, or the joke will go over their heads and they will think "this girl is too weird, or is being so unaffected by our bulling, ect." A lot of times, they are just testing you, and although you might still be afraid you can't let that fear control you, you have to just wear them out by not acting like it affects you. In my experience, bullies are either jealous of you or they think you hate them first so they are automatically defensive. Try being nice BUT NOT A DOOR MAT. Offer to help them out with homework (especially if you're smarter than them in a subject). Once I helped a scary looking 8th grader with a book report and I was barely starting 6th grade. Or maybe be like "I don't know what you are going through, but if you want to talk I'm here." It may backfire, but once they realize you aren't the enemy or are doing the opposite of cowering in fear/fighting with violence, they'll leave you alone. Also, if they are bullying you because you're different or picking on an insecurity just say "I won't let you talk to me like that, I haven't done anything to disrespect you so I don't deserve to be treated like this." Putting your foot down is incredibly scary, but I think continuing to walk down the halls terrified is much, much worse.




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