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I was babysitting my little cousin and just when it was getting a bit out of hand thankfully we found common ground: Cars the movie. I think that Cars is one of the cutest Disney/ Pixar movies and its one of my favorite animated movies of this generation. As I sat there and watched it though I slowly began to realize just how many double entendres this movie really has. Things like "Nice headlamps" and "I'm flashing" to name a few mild ones. I understand that children don't pick up on these small comments and that Disney marketing to parents and all ages, but it does not seem right. WIthout even realizing it children are beening exposed to mild but still sexual comments. What happened to the good ol' days when the worst thing that happened was Buggs Bunny disguising and fooling Elmur Fudd? Or Scooby and the gang solving mysteries? I understand the need to bring appeal to parents as well but how much will be too much, because cars is not the only children's film chuck full of double entendres.

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Comment by Laura Donnelly on March 8, 2011 at 3:42pm
Great insights....Disney/Pixar has notorious for innuendos. Seemingly innocent, but not, Toy Story 1,2 and I think 3 portray the "Barbies," (the females) as vapid, partyers and the other female parts: Mrs. Potatoe Head as shrill.  And in the 3rd one, I thought the Buzz Lightyear in Espanol was certainly the usual sexualizing/exocitizing of the Latino male. Essentially, the artists/writers at Disney are probably a bunch of nerdy guys that don't get many dates and this is how they express their frustrations.




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