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  • large amount of methane, a greenhouse gas, is released through their digestion.
  • living in concentrated ares makes methane dense.
  • poor living conditions causes stress and health problems.
  • grain-based diet causes bloating, sickness, and premature death.
  • increased antibiotic use to counteract illness.
  • inappropriate living space is inhumane. Cows cannot walk.
  • nitrogen in manure (again, when in high concentration, which it usually is) causes eutrophication and dead zones in water bodies.
  • slaughterhouse practices are inhumane.
  • CAFOS are inhumane.
  • increased reliance on monocrop- corn.
  • bulls for bullfighting.
  • hormone treatment in both dairy and beef cattle.
  • selective breeding reduces biodiversity.
  • selective breeding can alter psychological functions.
  • ranch land could be used for conservation.
  • are humans even made to eat and drink beef and milk?
  • in some cases, deforestation to make room for ranches.
  • in some cases, overgrazing and soil degradation.
  • cow feed that has sawdust and meat.
  • standing in filth.

Treating cows humanely would result in a smaller number of world environmental issues. Besides, many Americans consume dairy and protein products in excess. Chick-fil-A cows might say "Eat Mor Chikin," but how about "Eat more fruits and veggies?" Chickens don't leave as much of an environmental impact as cattle, but they are exposed to inhumane practices, and often do get their share of antibiotic infusion and poor-quality feed.

Maybe I can post some vegan recipes,I'm not vegan yet, but hope to get there one day. Though I suppose nothing but home-grown food can be free of drawbacks. For example, almonds in almond milk might exploit bees and demand water during drought, decreasing human community supply. Still, meet generally leaves a worse impact.

In-vitro meat is another idea, and I hope to research that in the future. Then, this cruel cow business can be halted.

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