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When I was in high school I rarely thought of what I really wanted to do once I graduated. I was more worried about what I was going to do that weekend or who I would eat with for lunch. Towards the end of my senior year I started to worry about what I was going to do. I knew that I had wanted to go to college but never thought about what to study once I was there! It seemed like most of my friends knew what they wanted to do and were prepared already, while I was still guessing about which major to choose and was totally unprepared! Most of my friends chose to study a degree that had medicine in it. I knew I would never be able to do anything with medicine (such as being a doctor or a nurse for instance) because I got grossed out easily by the sight of blood or anything that had to do with the inside of a human body for that matter. I started to talk with my dad about my delimma on not knowing what major to choose and he suggested that I should do business. As I started to think more about this degree it started to grow on me. I always liked advertising or anything like that so I chose to study Marketing which somewhat was similar to advertising. Once I started college I knew this was the right choice for me because I really enjoyed my business courses and was excited about what Marketing had to offer. Later on down the line I decided to declare a double major and am now pursuing a degree in Management as well as Marketing. I look forward to graduating from UTEP with these to majors, and plan on going for a MBA in Marketing. When choosing a major my best advice that I can give to you would be to try and discuss what other people are majoring in to see what may interest you. Research online some jobs that you liked and see what degree falls into their catagories. Talk with your parents or an advisor or counselor to see what their input might be about what major would be best for you. Most importantly don't stress out about it. Once you start college you'll take your basics and will figure out what you really enjoy doing. As long as you have an idea of what you enjoy, you'll be fine.

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Comment by cloud.eah on August 17, 2010 at 4:36pm
hi amanda :)




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