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Last week we had a political lesson at our after school clubs.  Here are some of the letters our Latinitas wrote to our future president.

Dear future president,

Please work on student debt and immigration issues. I am a Latina and would like to see these issues addressed. I know both of these are concerns for the future generations.
Thank you.


Dear Donald Trump,

I am very aware that you are running for president of the United States, and I believe you still have a chance to show the country that you are going to be a great leader. Please stop being selfish.

Dear president Sanders,

I want to congratulate you on winning the election as a starter. Also, I want to let you know of my admiration for the movements you advocate for. Such as equality, rights, etc. are why I write to you. Don’t forget about them! Make your promises come true.
Thank you.

Dear Kanye West!

It is crazy how you got to be president, I did not vote for you but I wish you the best and I hope you can fix the disaster that Trump did. Say hi to Kim for me! Please make college more affordable!

Dear future president,

I want our next president to make people stop doing negative things. I hope that it will make a change. I want the president to give a home to everyone, and the homeless people.

Dear future president,

I would like hospitals and medical help for all people that need it. There should not be exceptions for the poor.

Dear future president,

You shouldn’t be so bossy and you should treat everybody the way you want to be treated.


Dear Mr. Trump,

I am very saddened on your view on the upcoming election. You want to kick out every hardworking people and it will mess up our country if you do that.
Thank you.

Dear future president,

I have some requirements. I dislike it when people hurt the environment to build something silly like another mall. When you hurt the environment you are hurting us and the animals. Before you start cutting trees down, make sure you put them somewhere safe.

Abigail Alegre.

Dear future president,

As you know, I’m a future Latina and I ask that you don’t make any dumb mistakes. Please I worry for college aids, and that I beg for women’s freedom and happening to have equal rights. Also, I worry for the animals, all over the world. They are a man’s best friend. Please, I also beg you for equal rights for everyone and peace with the terrorists “Isis”. Also, please don’t let Trump ever be a candidate. Never. He sucks!! Let there be peace among the whole world. Pray for Paris, and Europe.

Future Latina Mariana.


Dear future president,

AS a Latina I want you to know that I am proud to be American, but even more so, I’m blessed to be also a Mexican. There is a whole other part of America on the border that is not portrayed well in media all the time. I wish that you would come see the border I know and love.
As future president, you will see people from all walks of life and here you do not have to travel far to see two countries come together.

Gloria S.


Dear Hillary Clinton,

As a Latina, I would like you to know that I am very proud of you as the first female president of the United States. I would like you to please consider changing the college tuitions and lower them down so everyone can attend to college, especially the poor. Also thanks to Malala for being a women rights activist. Any women should get equal pay just like men do.

Maria Gutierrez

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