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     One of my favorite things about being Latina is the Dia de los Muertos holiday, which happens right after Halloween. After being spooked on October 31st, we are left with lots of candy and even more to celebrate. Dia de los Muertos, to me, is about just that: the celebration of life, especially the lives of those we love and admire who have passed on. Though we are sad that they are no longer with us, it is important to remember them so that at least their memories are alive and with us always. This two day celebration is also an example of the creativity of our culture, from calaveras de azucar atop the alters to literature. Because of this, I think this holiday is an important one to keep alive and well today and in future generations. The girls in the Irving Schwartz club last week agreed. Here is what they said about keeping this tradition going:


     It is important to preserve our culture because you do not forget where you come from and who you are.


     It is important because you will always have them in your heart and it is exciting to celebrate for them.


     It is important because you can remember those the people who have passed away.


     To further celebrate this colorful holiday, the girls wrote their very own versions of traditional calavera poems, making fun of things they don't like, including (and ironically) writing itself.

Shots by Monique

I do not like shots

it hurts a lot. The

walls are boring. The

chairs are boring. The

tables are boring.

Writing by Yasmin

Writing is not fun because it is so much writing!

And it makes you think too much.

And also, your hand hurts.

And it is way too much time on our writing.


STARR Test by Liani

STARR is sitting in a

chair. For four hours.

Doing. Nothing.

It's long. Boring.

And makes me snore.


     As you can see, whether it is creating an alter for loved ones gone, or simply writing a funny poem, Dia de los Muertos definitely will not make you snore.


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Comment by Zyanya on November 7, 2012 at 8:24pm

@Rossie, yes! They make me laugh. :)

Comment by Rossie on November 5, 2012 at 5:05pm

ha ha, your girls are funny :)




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