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Facebook is a social phenomena that is practically taking over the world. Pictures, News Feeds, Groups, Friends, and Farmville are just some of the things that you can find on this site. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook account. If it weren't for Facebook, I wouldn't be able to communicate with friends who live far away and I wouldn't be able to reconnect with people from the past such as old friends from elementary and middle school who I haven't seen in ages. Because of Facebook, I'm able to continue talking to the new friends I've made on my study abroad trips. I remember the first day that I met my friends from South Africa the first thing that we asked each other was, "Do you have a Facebook?" To me, it was amazing seeing how far Facebook has gone. I never thought that it would reach far away places such as South Africa. Another reason why I love Facebook so much is that it is very easy to upload pictures. I've learned from experience that when traveling in groups it's hard to take a picture of a group with so many cameras. It's easier for the picture to be taken with one camera and then it can be shared with others through Facebook.

Although Facebook is a very convenient site for social networking, it also has a negative side to it. Unfortunately, there are people out there who want to harm others. They use Facebook as a tool to stalk people and eventually cause them harm. There are also people who use Facebook to know information about you so that they can steal your identity. Employers are also checking people's Facebook to see if they're good for the job. It's not convenient to post inappropriate pictures of yourself because you never know if it can affect your future. Facebook can also be bad if you spend so much time on it. I know people who spend hours on Facebook. To me, I believe there's a limit. There's no need to be checking your Facebook every two seconds. Once or twice a day should be enough and it should only be for about 15 minutes unless you're chatting with a friend.

In order to avoid a negative experience with Facebook, it's convenient to set your profile to private so that only your friends can see your pictures and read your wall. It's also common knowledge to only accept people you know as your friends. Never accept strangers! You never know their true intentions. Also, don't post inappropriate pictures of yourself because you never know who might end up seeing those pictures. If you follow all these guidelines, you can end up with a postive experience with Facebook. I know for a fact that I enjoy Facebook on a daily basis.

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